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  1. (Proposal) Canucks-Stars

    they would have to give up a lot for that trade like a 1st plus for us to take spezza
  2. Proposal Van- TML

    best prospect D and C in the minors that may make the jump this year or next wow is all I have to say about how people think
  3. To me I would want to see us fully rebuild and a way to help a team a Canadian team get better to Van 1st this year, 2nd next year, their best D man and best C for Tor gets Tanev , Sutter 1mill retained, 3rd this year and 4th next year if they want a throw in I;d give gaunce or Dowd what do you think???
  4. again I will say watch the interview after he was traded he said he wanted to be closer to home meaning the team talked to him and helped him with a trade to get him close to home this team does try to help players via trades if you look back , exactly like the Luo trade he went where he wanted to, Cory we got him as close as we could as we wanted a top ten pick and the Devils was the only team near boston where Cory if from that would give us that pick, worked out for both
  5. yes but he also said in the interview when he was traded that he wanted to be close to his family so they could watch him more , meaning there was talk about where he wanted to go
  6. well lets see, He left as he wanted to be closer to home means NO way he wants to come back here as he is happy where he is do people forget why he left that fast????
  7. every year they are the team that complains most or have you not been watching playoffs for years???
  8. Team Review and Suggested Moves (Discussion)

    to me there are like 5 to 6 players I would like to move, trade or upgrade I really think this is the time for Benning to do his work and get us some help on D and couple upgrades for forwards I really think this year or next we have to make a big move to get an elite player like a center or D only one and see what we have next year upgrade the other a D or C and playoffs here we come for years
  9. NHL Bracket Challenge

    I for one can not join, I join something am wrong or bet I am wrong, but otherwise i am right 90% of the time and have called big games more then a few times so not for me sorry but looks like fun so good luck to all
  10. only thing is when are a few coming to van and that will be answered soon enough
  11. I say trade them both or keep them in the minors
  12. it is fine why fix it do you not like good teams playing good teams and if changed there will always be people saying the same thing that it is not right, so why bother???? go back to old conferences I say but to many that will not work either so just leave it so far the caps are the big team that hates it, it is what it is to bad for them play on and get better
  13. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

    well guess NHL speed and his are the same thing to you,but the game is faster then what he is used to playing he has speed and skill just going forward he will get used to it and better
  14. [Proposal] Hire AV!

    every time a coach is a free agent that we have had people want them back i do not see why been there done that move on and wait we have
  15. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

    Gaudette just needs time to realize the nhl speed and he needs more muscle then we will really see what he has which so far looks to be good