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  1. well this signing is good as cheap and he did look like he could pot us 20 plus if he plays to his potential
  2. he has been a decent D man so good on montreal getting him for cheap
  3. this means they need to show right off the bat they are NHLers or waiver wire and our farm team gets a boost or another team grabs them and the owners save money so win win for all
  4. trade him
  5. easier said then done and every team wants a team like that
  6. I just do not see doorstop making it back and playing this year and if he does will not be the same player
  7. awesome wonder if Trev will let him use 16
  8. well we have ex stars and future stars yet to prove themselves
  9. just awesome
  10. the devils as yet another close to NY
  11. hope we put him on waivers before season starts and someone takes him other wise he is a bench warmer
  12. this guy is still around??
  13. some are worth the wait to get a better contract
  14. looks good as I would want him on my team