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  1. why would anybody ever trust anyone that runs a team or has say like Linden.they don't want to ruin a trade so I am sure they have had convo's about Hamhuis and others on our team!
  2. [Rumour/Speculation] Valeri Nichuskin

    well we have someone for when Vrbata goes,so no need to make a trade for someone who might cost to much!
  3. [Rumour] - Caps interested in Hamhuis

    I would hope we could get a deal and get a young prospect or pick and prospect!
  4. [GDT] Canucks vs Coyotes @ 6:30 PM PT on SN1

    Go nucks GO!!! Should be a good game both fighting for the same spot!
  5. [Rumour] - Caps interested in Hamhuis

    well doing the best thing for the team and being a team player does mean that and YES that was said!
  6. Once again, no shame Leafs tank

    Babs will not try and tank he has to much pride,the players well they aren't good enough so who really knows what place they will end up!
  7. [Discussion] Hamhuis. What To Do.

    If and only if we can't get hammy to resign then he is gone!!!
  8. [Rumour] - Caps interested in Hamhuis

    Him and his agent said he would move,only thing I see is if he signs a two/three year deal with us before the trade deadline or he will be moved!
  9. TSN and the make me laughs both have been pumping up Dion for some time, finally they trade him but get owned in this trade!
  10. [GDT] Canucks @ Avalanche

    Good Willie should have the young guys together for the future,get them hot or knowing each other better that ill be an awesome line years to come!!!
  11. [GDT] Canucks @ Avalanche

    NO!!!!last two weeks if we are close will be do or die,never before!
  12. 2 year plan [proposal]

    To much of that just won't happen and anyone could have had Higgins,prust,Weber for free,so in short that is just a dream and will never happen
  13. fans should be excited that we have had and still have some great goaltending,in the future maybe fans will learn a lesson from what has happened!
  14. [Report] Canucks trying to Sign Trymakin

    I fully agree,\i mean next year I see our D like this Edler  Tanev Tryamkin  ??? , Fedun??  ,Pedan ??  Sbisa Hutton Unless there is a trade or free agent D man we can get!!!   Trymkin will get every shot to make this team and I think he will be in the starting roster!
  15. [Waivers] Yannick Weber

    About time, I think benning is trying his best to get rid of the dead weight and intend us to get better with youth and speed,good one Weber has a shot but nothing more!