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  1. It's one exciting thing for our organization, we have a good chance to make a deep run in the AHL playoffs especially with our send downs. Who get's sent down? Trymakin, Biega, Higgins, Pedan, etc???
  2. Lol at wingels smiling like an idiot at the camera. Someone's gotta meme that
  3. Is malhotra becoming a commentator for the Canucks or even looking at joining the head office. If so I'm loving it
  4. Ugh I had high hopes for him
  5. Hey how's Grenier doing???
  6. WHERE the heck is Gauche? ?? Why isn't he playing???
  7. Hopefully he picks it up and shows that he belongs.
  8. How's Gaunce been doing???
  9. This is great, can't believe how close he was to going in. I think one of these days that might happen and it'll be a crazy story. http://www.tsn.ca/video/tsn-original-emergency-goalie~818032
  10. he'd be 29 right now, so In his prime too.
  11. During the Mom's trip, one of the Moms wore a Bourdon jersey and mentioned she was a fan of him. I totally forgot he played for us and about the tragic incident years ago. He was highly touted to be one of our best defensive prospects (top 10 pick) and it was very unfortunate when he passed away. I hate to play hypothetical but it got me wondering where he was supposed to fit and what was his projection based on our past teams? Would he have been a franchise d-man and still playing on our team today? I'd love to hear your guy's thoughts on this. Saw this video again and it teared me up Luc Bourdon Tribute night
  12. Does he draw in the lineup next year??????
  13. Brian Williams officially retired after London
  14. Why do you have a murderer on your signature??? Chris Benoit was a poor excuse for a human