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  1. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    Anybody have ESPN insider can tell me how Corey Pronman ranked the Canucks. Not sure what this tweet he set out is supposed to mean? @coreypronman: One common ? I've gotten today is with re: to movers from draft day. Sometimes, like with Boeser at LP, a week moves the needle for me 1/3
  2. am i terrible in a good way or a bad way?

  3. You're a terrible fictional GM

  4. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    I was able to watch a Denmark tune-up game against the U of A Golden Bears, as well as their games against the US and Czechs, really my eyes were only on Jensen the entire time he was on the ice and here's what I gather from the 3 games I've seen him in so far: -Against the tune-up game at U of A he was actually wearing the captain's C, but he seemed to come off every shift cussing and yelling at his teammates in frustration and didn't play at all in the third period (I'm not sure why... U of A beat them 6-0 btw), but now I see he is only wearing an A, not too sure what happened exactly for the demotion -He's a big guy and a strong skater but doesn't really use his size, he tries to do too much fancy stickwork to get by guys and that's not how he is going to be effective, he has to learn to drive wide around the D and use his size and strength -Although he's out there on the PK he doesn't seem very into it defensively, I have yet to see him backcheck with hustle, and he's usually the first one to leave the zone looking for a stretch pass. He's going to need to buckle down in his own end and play with more heart if he ever wants to make the big club Although I'm not sure this is a fair assessment of his play since he is by far the most skilled player on the team and this may just be indicative of his frustration playing on a very weak team (his Oshawa team would beat his Denmark team quite handily) It seems the entire city of Edmonton has taken team Denmark under their wing and cheering them on so much, not only against the USA but there was a lot of "Let's Go Denmark" chants in the Czech game as well and dead silence in the building every time the opposition scored haha it's nice to see and be a part of!
  5. i usually use easy to follow layout.

  6. Would you be able to send me that live streaming link for tonights game??