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  1. Okay so bored at work so i busted out some stats to try and get some actual points and not just what people are screaming at each other. I wanted to see for myself what the actual stats are saying about these Dmen we are all talking about. Now I felt that taking our current top 5 Dmen and using their numbers would be best, however, given that 2 of them, Ballard and Hamphuis came from what are both considered weaker teams their numbers might be scewed. I take Erhoffs numbers as fair since he came from what could be described from as a better team in some circles so I felt that comparable was a fine statement. While reading this I saw that simply put the main arguments that are trying to be made here are that: 1. Bieksa turns over the puck a TON more often than any other Dman on the team when he is playing. 2. He is no longer able to turn the puck over because he doesn't play with size or grit. 3. He is not as offensively powerful as our other Dmen. 4. Bieksa is way out of position all the time and gets lost in his own end. 5. He is overpaid WAY too much for what he brings to the table. I felt by skimming through that those were the main arguments that were brought up from the negative side. Now before I get into the stats I will admit that I do like Bieksa, however, I can't make these numbers lie so before you flame I am biased, come back with numbers to prove this wrong. So I looked at the last 4 years for each player. I felt that over the last 4 years we would have a good sampling of Take Aways, Give Away and Games played. T/A PGB Est G/A PGB Est GP P PGB Est (Career used) Hamhuis 194 .60 50 199 .62 51 483 161 .33 27 Edler 69 .27 22 169 .67 55 258 105 .41 33 Erhoff 97 .31 25 199 .63 52 426 179 .42 34 Ballard 111 .35 29 208 .66 51 401 149 .37 30 Bieksa 105 .43 36 173 .71 59 281 125 .44 36 TA - Take Away, PGB - Per Game Basis, G/A - Give Aways , GP - Games Played, P - Points, Est - Estimating 82 game season using Sadly the stats are hard to read, i have it in excel and couldn't attach it so if you want them clearer shoot me a pm and i will, if not suffer through it if you are interested in knowing the true numbers. Hmm now looking at the numbers we can see that in the last 4 years Bieksa has given the puck more on a per game basis than any other player on the team. However, when taking their average per game basis we can see that Bieksa is only going to be giving the puck away roughly 4 times more then the next worst player (Edler) and only 8 more than our best (Hamhuis). This show that he does make more turnovers yet not the horrid amounts more than people have accused him of. The next number I was quite amazed at was his turnover ratio. He was only behind Hamhuis in this department and had 64% more than Edlar on a per game basis. This shows that when taking the puck away from an opponent Bieksa is one of our best Dmen in doing so. The next number again that surprised me was looking at each players point per game ratio. I assumed that seeing just how strong Erhoff was last season with this that he would have ran away with this stat but surpisingly he didn't at all. Bieksa actually won this stat again but to be fair all our defense were rather close to each other. From looking at these stats it would be fair to say that Bieksa has been close to the other Dmen in stats. Now if you want to talk about position well sadly i am not about to go through all the videos and determine which play he was at fault for. Also, his plus minus has been discussed on this enough and I did not feel a need to rehash it. Given that you can nolonger use the statement "He gives the puck away SOOO much" or "He isn't offensive at all" and "He is paid way too much for hi offensive and defensive numbers" what is the next line that people are going to use to try and disprove that Bieksa is a legitimate Dman? After looking at these numbers I am quite surprised. I have to admit that I felt that Bieksa was overpaid for what he brought, but now looking at these numbers and knowing that he did these while having 2 horrid injuries during it I am excited to see what we can get from him from giving him a full healthy season! I do agree also that we won't be resigning him next year, but not because we don't want him, but because we won't be able to afford him! If I can pound these numbers out this quickly so can Gm's. Now before you want to flame me go for it, but try to prove me wrong with some evidence please. Don't just spew the same old same old each and everytime.