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  1. I have the option of trading Kimmo Timmonen in for either Alex Goligoski, James Wisniewski or John-Michael Liles. The pool is a standard points pool, goal and assist count as 1 each, while a game winning goal is an additional 1. The trade method is split, rather than replacement, so instead of replacing the points of one player with the other, whatever points the new player gets is added on to my total. Who would be the better of the three?
  2. yup, still in high school, only 2 more years of it though. So my guess is taht you'll be going into the carpentry trade?

  3. Ohh you're still in HS, eh?

    I'm taking Carpentry level 1 @ Riverside. =D

    That's cool still though, looks like you're a smart dude haha.

  4. taking all 3 sciences, but will be taking bio 12 rather than 11. all the mandatory courses...then spanish 11 and PE 11 as my other electives. You?

  5. Ha cool man. Planned on going campings lot's but ended up not, haha. I went to Oregon for a couple weeks, worked my ass off lot's of the summer, chilled with friends, biked to a lot of interesting places. I'm ready for school now though. What are you taking?

  6. not too bad, too bad its over tomorrow :( Went camping a bunch of times, was over in the states for a couple days before heading to osoyoos, and the rest is history haha. How bout you, how'd it go?

  7. Hey bud what's up! How's your summer?


    Which one of you nublets is Kb ?
  9. LIGHTS still sux no matter what you say fishface:)

  10. LIGHTS Has the worst music ever


  11. aha, refreshing :)

    anyways, its off to bed for me, last day of school tomorrow, im gonna make it count

  12. Plain old it is then! >=(