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  1. Lmao im not keeping up with $&!# I guess. Well I will watch hehehhehe
  2. Hi guys I can confirm I am TP. This is my first game in a while anyone have any tips???
  3. I cant even rmbr when I participated last y u heff to be mean
  4. I think a lazy gm is good 1 for me to play. Count me in :$
  5. That was one of the worst weeks of my life. Being taken advantage of by one of your loved ones was not easy to handle
  6. Hi all! Missed u. Would be down to get into a game again
  7. Call me crazy but I think we will have three defensemen with over 30 points next year... when was the last time that happened? That alone is exciting as hell!
  8. I think it’s very possible. I am hoping it comes in around 6-6.5 for 6 or less years... Myers can fill a lot of holes for us... finally a little depth on the right side.
  9. The deal is fine if Miller is able to be a 25g 30+ assist guy which I think he can be playing with Bo. That is a very intriguing combination behind Petey and Boeser. Still need to find another good offensive piece to help the PP and other D to shore up the back end and I don’t see how this team isn’t competitive with continued growth from the young core
  10. That's a good trade for both sides, IMO. Nice addition for the Rangers and Jets get some needed flexibility along with a good young dman and a good draft pick
  11. Well deserved bud! That was an awesome nail bitter! Loved the intensity down the stretch. Definitely not! Was planning to either way! Wanted to take one last run with Florida.
  12. With the end to our season I will be stepping down from the Florida Panthers. Wanted to put forward one last run in Florida and we really left it all out on the ice so proud of the team I was able to put together to compete so well the past 7 seasons. Feel like I have accomplished all that I can in my time in Florida. And hope to be back in the league down the road with a new challenge. Cheers to da.moose, Mike, c2x, TM, squeak, bomba, PO, jax, lethunder, arby and everyone else who has made the this league such a blast the last 10 years. Thank you all and cheers fellas!
  13. Great performance by Pietrangelo and the Blues, well deserved @Master Mind Congratulations on bringing a cup to Vancouver!