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  1. Congrats Mike. You've taken down the best now it is time to take your deserved spot as champion.
  2. pretty sure I got 24? 8 from Karlsson 9 from Cole 7 from Claesson. Either way I'm in need of a Karlsson miracle.
  3. I think we made up 24 points tonight... Erik Karlsson with a big game 7 and makes up the last 26 points??? This would be a massive comeback!
  4. Very proud of the teams fight! If Hornqvist and Rakell had stayed healthy i think things would be going right down to the wire!
  5. The deadly Cullen-Streit combination likely sticks a fork in the Panthers
  6. Made a little dent in the devils lead let's keep it going !!
  7. Now Horny is out yikes! Lets go Claesson and Karlsson need some miraculous shiz
  8. Yikesssss
  9. Awesome!!! Welcome back man!! Hope the family is doing well. Seemed strange for you to quit azzy... glad you're sticking around bud
  10. Florida Round 3 Roster: Colin Wilson - Rickard Rakell - Patric Hornqvist Ian Cole - Erik Karlsson Fredrik Claesson - Kevin Bieksa Have a solid forward line and hopefully two D pairs if Bieksa can get back into the lineup. Going to need all hands on deck to get past the Devi
  11. Good luck Mikey. Erik looks dazzling in that picture. Btw Is this our first playoff matchup?!?!?
  12. Great fight put up by a shorthanded Maple Leafs squad. Congratulations @oldnews on a great season for your club, you've made great strides in a very tough eastern conference and have managed to be one of the most improved teams over the past few seasons. We look forward to many tough battles to come with your team for years to come.
  13. Open question- Curious as to what qualities Karlsson is lacking that separates him from players Iike Crosby, etc. Controls the pace of the game like no other, as good of a skater as there is in hockey, underrated defensively because of his physicality or lack thereof but he is a good positional player, insane hockey sense, etc. Leadership... he's got that covered. Big game player... proving he is that. Now that he finally has some talent around him it is wonderful to watch. Really a generational player that is under appreciated by most.
  14. Agreed. But ya'll already knew that
  15. Looks like the Panthers will be heading to their 4th conference finals in the past 5 seasons!