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  1. If there were any justice in the world. I'm eternally hopeful, but I've been disappointed before. I'm a Canucks fan. Go Canucks Go!
  2. Holy crap what a goal! Amazing! Even better than the last one, which was pretty darn good as it was. Go Canucks Go!
  3. I guess you didn't bother reading the second half of my post. That's OK, but you're actually agreeing with me when you seem to be wanting to disagree. Whatever. Go Canucks Go! P.S. - What I would really like to see is the referees having more respect for player safety but that just isn't happening and isn't part of the culture so we need to protect our own a little better.
  4. You really believe that Semenko wasn't a factor in Gretzky not getting beat on. How about Odjick and Bure? The game hasn't changed that much. Maybe it should and maybe the referees should call blatant attempts to rough up the stars more often but as we saw last night and time and time again before that, it just doesn't happen (at least for the Canucks) so we still need an enforcer or two. We need guys that can skate and actually play hockey too, that's why Ferland was such a good choice, but all I'm really saying is that if he can't continue we still need a guy like that (or two or three). Go Canucks Go!
  5. The difference is that Perron 100% earned that hit and the play later in the game wasn't earned. Yes they seem to be calling things randomly but the Blues have no justifiable reason to think they were done in by bad refereeing. They got away with a lot in that game. They just didn't score as many goals as we did. And not only that, they seem unable to face that fact. Bodes well for us. Go Canucks Go!
  6. I absolutely agree. We most definitely need a guy to protect our skill guys from being roughed up after the play. The refs certainly aren't going to do it. The frustrating thing is that Jim did go out and get a good player who could dish out punishing hits and fight when needed but he's out injured, again. That's sad but the need is still there and so we need to try again. Otherwise a very satisfying win. Go Canucks Go!
  7. That would have to be a big NO. If there is anything to be learned from failure, we have already learned it. We're walking our own path and it seems to be going fine. Not everything is perfect but we're making solid progress. We'd do best to just ignore what is going on in Toronto (if that's possible when living in Canada) and just do our own thing. Go Canucks Go!
  8. No disrespect meant but have you actually watched any NHL playoffs before? High sticks to the face and trips are occasionally called. I actually wish that they would call penalties the same in the playoffs as in the regular season but that doesn't seem to be the case - ever (despite the NHL always insisting that penalties don't change). The reality is that penalties are called differently in the playoffs and aggressive play is rewarded and passive play doesn't win much sympathy. Like I said, I wish they would call the penalties more consistently, but they don't, and so to have any success in the playoffs we have to play more aggressively than we would otherwise. I'm fine with the way Myers has been playing. That's what's needed (for better or worse). For once we're initiating the rough stuff instead of having to respond to it. That's the way to win in the playoffs. Now retaliation penalties are another story (and yes we should generally avoid those - but even then it's a war out there and we have to stick up for our guys). I like these new Canucks. The young guys seem to be learning playoff hockey fast and the vets know the story already. Go Canucks Go!
  9. Well that's the first third of a Gordie Howe. How about the rest Jake? Go Canucks Go!
  10. A Sutter is a Sutter after all. I think they're genetically programmed for playoff hockey. I don't think they even really have a choice in it, it's pure hockey instinct. Go Canucks Go!
  11. Kane is indeed a very skillful hockey player, but he's a slimy dirtball of a human being. The Sedins were (and are) incredible human beings because they were both highly skilled hockey players and delightful human beings at the same time. No comparison at all in my mind. Go Canucks Go! P.S. - Since this is a Petey thread I guess I should mention that he is a good comparable to the Sedins because he displays both good skill and good sportsmanship, and just general class all the time.
  12. I agree, but only if they call it both ways. That isn't always the case. Go Canucks Go!
  13. Yeah, since when is cross checking in front of the net a penalty in the playoffs? I mean he did cross check him, but they never call that. Consistency please refs. Go Canucks Go!