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  1. Why don't we "enhance" it even more by stopping it even more often, like, say, basketball? I'm sure we can make the ice even more spotless by giving them a nice long break. Sports fans are allowed to have some self esteem, aren't they? GCG!
  2. Well, that was certainly unrelated and un-called for. I just want less advertising. Is that such a difficult concept? And if you go back and read my original post, I went out of my way to indicate that I'm not naive enough to think that it is going to happen but I can still object to it can't I? It's not like I want something for nothing. I'll pay to watch a hockey game, I just find it insulting to pay to watch a hockey game and then they stop the game in order to show ads to people watching on TV (while I'm sitting there a captive audience - and you can't tell me that they aren't intentionally taking advantage of that in an excessively greedy way - well maybe you could but I wouldn't agree). GCG! Edit: Upon further review, I have to say that I really object to this visual. I mean what man wouldn't object to a punch in the groin (even a virtual one)? Yes, I gave poor HerrDrFunk a thumbs down but I believe that it is my right to do so. I disagreed with his post, his rationale and his tone. I don't think that this is an appropriate response. Moderators what do you think?
  3. I think you're missing the point. Maybe intentionally. But whatever. I just think that too many people accept too much advertising too meekly. If we don't object then it won't be long until hockey is like basketball with the last two minutes taking an hour to play (boooooring - basketball is an otherwise interesting game - I mean they still make plenty of money but that's kind of my point, as a sports fan I want to see the sports and I don't give a crap about the business end). I don't think that we as fans are even noticing the demise of our beloved game nevermind doing anything to slow it down. GCG! P.S. - I think that you are being antagonistic and obtuse just for the sheer fun of it. That gets tiring quickly. I've said my bit and now I'm finished with this discussion unless you have anything interesting or useful to add (which I highly doubt).
  4. Yes, I know that it isn't technically true about frogs but it is a useful analogy to describe human behavior. We don't tend to criticize things (or often even notice) when things we don't like are slowly increased. However we want to talk about it, I can accept that some ads might be acceptable but the constant but slow increase in advertising is insidious and it significantly affects my ability to enjoy hockey (and other sports). And furthermore I think that the over-use of advertising has significant negative effects on society as a whole, we are just loathe to admit it. GCG! Here's a question for my fellow Canucks fans: how much advertising would it take for you to stop watching hockey altogether? (on TV? live?) It's getting close for me. Can people at least admit diminishing enjoyment because of increasing ads? It's certainly true for me.
  5. I don't agree. Would you really watch a hockey game on TV if there were two hours of ads for one hour of hockey? Three to one? Four to one? It matters to me. I don't want ads on the jerseys either but I don't want them on the ice or on the boards (those didn't exist when I used to enjoy hockey more). I don't even like the time-out rule. That didn't exist back in the day either. Why does that exist? To show people more ads! And TV time-outs really annoy me. The actually stop the game in order to show even more ads to the people watching on TV. People don't even realize that that never used to be part of the game and that used to be a red line in the sand (like ads on jerseys). They keep on turning up the temperature and none of us frogs are taking any notice (i.e. boiling frog analogy). GCG!
  6. I hate naming sports venues after corporations. I'm not so naive as to think that it is going away anytime soon but that doesn't mean that I have to like it. I mean do they really need those few extra bucks? I call it the "big squeeze" you take something fun like hockey and then you saddle it with so much advertising that it is just barely fun. They just keep squeezing and squeezing until many times it is only almost fun. How many people would watch hockey on TV if there were an hour's worth of advertising for every period of hockey? Half an hour? Ten minutes? How much advertising can they get away with before people lose interest (quite a lot apparently)? They just keep insidiously slowly and gradually increasing it and nobody seems to notice. There's a lot of boiling frogs out there. How many people would go to hockey games if you had to pay to sit there and watch commercials on the big screen (hmm, they already do that)? My point is that it is all carefully designed to squeeze out the maximum amount of money as possible (making it just barely enjoyable and sometimes only almost enjoyable). Did they really have to do that? OK rant over. Back to regular programming, after a word from our sponsors of course. GCG!
  7. Flyers to retire Lindros' No. 88

    That's their prerogative, never could stand the guy myself. The only time I ever cheered for him was in the World Juniors Tournament (he was a beast then). But then I figured out what a douche he is in real life (he and his father). GCG!
  8. Petrus Palmu | RW/LW

    Really? I grew up half and half in Vancouver and on a farm north of Dawson Creek (we would go back and forth each season - the short intense growing season makes that possible). We farmed grain on 2 sections north of Rolla, the last two sections on the left (west side) before the road descends into the Peace River valley at Clayhurst (it was a ferry back in our day). We had a great view out over the river valley. Any of that ring a bell? I agree that Palmu looks more like a gym guy than a farm guy but who knows? I played rugby so I did my gym time as well, but pitching bales and general farm labour is excellent for fitness. I'm in my 50's now but I still prefer gardening with hand tools instead of gas powered machines, it's actually a very good way to stay fit, and more enjoyable too, at least for me. P.S. - Now that I've posted I may as well comment on Palmu's transgression. I've been a supporter of him (check out my posts on "the mighty midget" on the prospect rankings series of threads) but I have to say that I lost a bit of respect for him with this. I mean none of us are perfect and I've done stupid things myself aplenty but it was a big mistake (and apparently more than one). It's not fatal, it can be recovered from but it does reveal poor judgement. GCG!
  9. Apparently yes, it is too much to ask. You will do what Monsanto says or else. Double plus good. GCG!
  10. Is beef eating really any better? It's so easy to get mad at what other people do to harm the environment (and sometimes even justifiable). I'm not defending fish farming for a second, I hate what they are doing to our oceans. But is being a pawn of Monsanto any better? Do you know who Monsanto is and how many people's diets they control? And what they do to achieve that? The real issue is that we all cause environmental damage from our lifestyles and if we are going to get anywhere in reducing it we have to look to ourselves first instead of pointing the finger at others. That is never going to actually help. GCG!
  11. Frankly, I'd rather keep Sutter and see what he can actually do for us (he's had both at least some good individual play and he's made the players around him better at least some of the time - don't have the advanced stats on that but that's my gut feel). I certainly don't want to give up Sutter and a 1st round pick. Sutter has had back luck with injuries and never really got into full stride in a Canucks uniform. I'm still waiting to see what he can do for us. He's still young yet, no point in giving up on him too soon. Nuge has some good offensive skills but he's not so "huge" and has he really made the Oilers that much better? Furthermore, how does trading one center for another center improve our depth at center? GCG!
  12. TSN article on Concussions in NHL

    I'm conflicted. I used to play rugby. No helmets, no pads, full contact. Plenty of head injuries to go around. It was also amateur so there was no money, no lawyers, and no pressure to attract fans. There was also nobody pushing you to go back into the game holding a million dollar contract over your head. It was the culture of the game more than anything that dictated that if you get knocked down you get back up and get back into the game. Until you were literally no longer able to. That was just the nature of the game and while it wasn't really talked about much, I think everybody knew that there were risks involved but complaining about them wasn't an option. When I read the posted article I immediately thought something along the lines of: "we put our bodies on the line for free and not only are we rugby players never going to get a second payday, we didn't even get the first one." I still have permanent injuries from my playing days and I will never see any compensation for it. And I'm not asking for it, that's just something that I have to deal with. However, as I kept reading I felt more and more sympathy for the hockey players despite the fact that they were and are handsomely paid for their play. But as I said, I'm conflicted. They go into it knowing full well that they are getting paid, and paid well, for doing something they love even though it is risky. On the other hand they are being taken advantage of by greedy promoters in a blood for money kind of transaction. Add in an element of randomness and it becomes an ethical quagmire. The thing that really stood out for me was the story of Shayne Stevenson who was knocked out cold in a fight and yet wasn't even allowed to take some time off to recover nevermind be encouraged to do so: "Stevenson pleaded with the Bruins training staff and doctors not to force him to play, having lost a substantial amount of blood… Stevenson’s pleas were ignored." Are these people even human? Despite just calling it an ethical quagmire, this seems pretty clearly unethical to me. And maybe even criminal... Go Canucks Go!
  13. (Poll) Canucks predictions 2017-2018

    Not a bad poll. You might want to check the spelling of "Horbat" in #2? GCG! P.S. - I picked Gudbranson as our best defender not because he's a lock but because I'm hoping by sheer force of will that he can become the guy that we were expecting him to be. If we can get that, and a bounce-back year from Edler, and the usual steady play of Tanev, and not too many injuries, and some offensive production from our offensive guys, we have a pretty good chance at being a decent team. Maybe that's stating the obvious and it's a lot of ifs, but it's not out of the realm of possibility.
  14. Happy Birthday, Jake Virtanen!

    Can we officially call him a bust now? Kidding folks! Good luck Jake, happy birthday (not too much cake now) and here's to seeing you in a Canucks uniform soon. GCG!
  15. Winning starts with believing that you can win. Yes, there are no shortcuts, but low expectations are a symptom of low self esteem not necessarily being "realistic" (it hurts the ego more when you expect to win and don't than if you expect to lose and do). It's an expression of confidence and optimism to want to win. In my mind putting forward one's BEST effort to win and failing is not really a fail. Winning the draft lottery IS a fail in my mind (it is a consolation prize for failure to perform not something to be aimed at). Tanking feels good for those with bruised egos (and yeah we're Canucks fans so I understand that) but it is not a winning strategy. Even finishing dead last does not guarantee the best pick. And even getting the best pick doesn't really mean much, if there isn't a winning culture to cultivate it. I don't want another top draft pick, I want to start trying to win now. And if we can't win every game, we're going to die trying. That's the only way to win games in any competitive sport. GCG!