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  1. He's already missed some important time. Practice time is important. So says coach Green anyway, and I tend to agree. But anyway it worked out OK and I like the contract. I just don't like any player missing camp. However it's done now, let's play some hockey! Go Canucks Go!
  2. Kassian's only lack of skills is between the ears. He skates well and has amazingly soft hands for such a big guy. I always expected him to do better while he was in Vancouver but then there was, y'know, other things on his mind. We Canucks fans are delighted to have a bit of muscle on the ice to protect Petey, why wouldn't the Oilers do the same for McDavid? (he gets his share of attention too) Go Canucks Go!
  3. I'd like to take this opportunity to say that while I did say that I've lost some respect for Brock, and that is true, I had a lot of respect for him to begin with. I generally don't dogpile on players when they are down and I'm not typically critical of our team. The vast majority of my posts are positive and optimistic. However I do think that Brock is making a mistake here and at the expense of the team. He isn't being a good teammate. I have great sympathy for his family situation and if he wants to take some time off for that, that would be fine by me. But that's not the situation. He isn't requesting a leave, he's just playing hardball in his negotiating and blaming it on his agent. Other players and agents are doing that too but that doesn't make it acceptable. He's simply holding out for more money (one has to assume). He's harming the team by putting his own interests first and I can't support that. Go Canucks Go!
  4. Well yeah it's speculation, not many of us fans have direct conversations with the people who actually do the negotiating, so speculation is what we do. My point is that regardless of what else is happening, the bottom line is that Brock gets to make the decision. He gets to make the money and he gets to make the decisions and he has to live with the consequences of being greedy. He also has to play hockey in order to earn that money. I agree with coach Green, training camp is not unimportant and it is impossible to replace that important bonding time, not to mention the actual practicing and learning systems and getting to know your fellow players. Thinking that you are above all of that shows a lack of good judgement and is a dangerous precedent. Like I said, I don't care what happens on other teams, I care about OUR team. Go Canucks Go!
  5. He's already lost some of my respect. If he were a "good guy" and a team player he'd be at camp. It's that simple. Oh sure you can blame his agent or bring up all the other RFAs but that is all irrelevant in my opinion. Brock makes the decisions and he's making a bad one in my honest opinion. I have empathy for his family situation (I wish his father well) but that doesn't mean that he should be extra-aggressive with his negotiating. Brock, not his agent, can end this whenever he wants. As much as I want him on our team, no player is more important than the team and it's low class to hold the team hostage. If he holds out any longer I say sit him out a few games even after he signs. We've got lots of capable wingers this year. Go Canucks Go!
  6. That's what one has to do in order to win. It's easy to leave lots of cap room if one isn't trying to spend to the max or push for a Stanley Cup win. But if one wants to win one has to take it to the limit, ooh ooh, take it to the limit, aah aaaah, take it to the limit, one more time... ...take it to the limit, eee-eee-eee, take it to the limit, why don't we, take it to the limit, one more time... Go Canucks Go!
  7. Nice! I like this guy. He has a certain "Je ne sais quoi" about him. Well OK I do know what it is, it's his feistiness without being bitter and unpleasant. It's his "never say die" attitude. He puts in a big effort every shift with a big smile on his face. He brings a certain kind of positive gritty attitude with him that is contagious. He gives off the impression that he would do anything to support a teammate. We can never have enough guys like that; that's what wins championships (and thanks to Jim it seems like we have a bushel of them already). I can hardly wait until the season starts and even though it looks like it will start without Roussel, he will be a welcome addition when he's ready. Go Canucks Go!
  8. Yep. I like Brock as a player and as a person, but nobody is more important than the team. Yes, the greedy agents are often a problem but ultimately it is the player who chooses. "Leaving it all to the agent" doesn't impress me much, the player makes the decisions. If Brock doesn't sign before camp, I agree sit him out. I don't care what other players on other teams are doing, it just isn't right for an RFA to hold the team hostage. There has to be some fallout if he CHOOSES to miss camp while holding out for more money. Go Canucks Go!
  9. I'd go for that, but I doubt the other teams involved would. Go Canucks Go!
  10. Well that was kind of my point, namely that freedoms are never absolute. We Canadians perhaps think a little more deeply about what constitutes "impinging on others' lives or freedoms". As a Canadian, and an outspoken person in general, I don't feel at all limited in my freedom to speak my mind. I can and do. Go Canucks Go!
  11. Freedom of expression includes freedom speech (i.e. it's a larger category not a smaller one). However, even in the US, and anywhere, freedom is never 100%. For example it is illegal to make a credible death threat even in places that exercise free speech. Freedom is always necessarily somewhat limited by having to allow others, theirs. Go Canucks Go!
  12. Good insight. I also love his body position. He's demonstrating great flexibility and strength. Also thanks to Stierlitz for the updates. This kid is going to be a beast. I'm so looking forward to seeing him in a Canucks jersey. Thanks for the pick Jim. Go Canucks Go! P.S. - I'm not too worried about the heartbeat thing. Conditioning can be worked on and with an NHL training staff they can keep an eye on that. Attitude is much harder to work on or teach and this kid seems to have it in abundance. I'd much rather have a slightly less fit guy with a never-say-die attitude than a top-of-range guy who floats around and is disinterested (even Podkolzin himself mentioned that the guy who did the best in the draft fitness testing wasn't even drafted in the higher rounds and maybe not even drafted at all).
  13. I like your optimism and I think so too. And it's about time to get this thread back to talking about Ferland (i.e. thanks). Go Canucks Go!
  14. I totally agree. It's not really the plan to have Miller as our 3rd line center (he may end up there by circumstance but I doubt that's the plan right now). CDC has really turned on Sutter for some reason just because he's been injured a lot recently. In my opinion he's still a productive player (offensively and defensively, though admittedly he's stronger defensively) if and when healthy. That's the big if. If he's healthy I still want him as our 3rd line center. Give him a couple of good wingers and that's a good reliable third line for all situations. I wonder if he would mesh well with Virtanen? Go Canucks Go!
  15. Agreed, the better player should play regardless of outside drama but Leivo, to me at least, looked way more interested last year. Not to mention more productive. Yes, small sample size and good line mates, but I agree with the other poster's point that Loui will not only have to earn a spot, he will have to look better in an eye test than Leivo or anyone else in order to make the team. Personally I think it's awesome that there is genuine competition but that means that someone who is NHL calibre is not going to make the team. That's a good thing for the team and for the fans even if that particular player isn't going to like it. Go Canucks Go! (can't wait till puck drop)