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  1. I like JT Miller. Keep the fire burning. Don't take any crap from anyone. Let's go get this one. Go Canucks Go!
  2. I don't understand NHL refereeing anymore. Teams get a couple of free crosschecks and then they call one? Go Canucks Go!
  3. They've only been doing that for, say, about 50 years. Go Canucks Go!
  4. Gaudette and MacEwen had really strong games tonight. Well done boys. Keep it going. Go Canucks Go!
  5. Random refereeing is getting completely out of hand. I've been watching NHL hockey for 50 years and I don't know what a penalty is anymore. And what's worse is that I don't think that the referees do either. Calling penalties is more about marketing these days than trying to have a fair game. Go Canucks Go!
  6. I'd rather try to win and lose than try to lose and succeed. Losing on purpose is what losers do. Tanking is such a pathetic response to trying to win and running into some difficulties. Have some guts. Win or die trying. Go Canucks Go!
  7. They should all be worried because they have to play us. Go Canucks Go!
  8. Actually more than two. There was one on Marky, Bo, and now Quinn. They were all high-sticking penalties in my opinion. A player is always responsible for their stick. Go Canucks Go!