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  1. Good win despite the horrific refereeing (and a few defensive lapses). It's enough to make you want to wave a white towel. At least we got the 2 points. Next. GCG!
  2. Yes it was. And now you're making another one. What was the motive behind your post? It sure seems like you're supporting the attacker instead of trying to help reduce ad hominem. And you're a moderator? Go Canucks Go!
  3. That is now the second time you have clearly insulted me over this. "Snowflake" is clearly intended as an insult in this context. I warned you that this is the wrong way to go with this and then you insult me again. It's time to get someone else to comment on this. I'm done. Go Canucks Go!
  4. Attacking me personally is not the right way to go with this. I'm going to be restrained and not reciprocate and say anything about you. You can attack my argument or my reasoning all you want but ad hominem is not appropriate. Go Canucks Go!
  5. I don't agree. I see it the other way around. Hollywood has taught us that security officers are a joke and to be toyed with but that's not how the real world works. People watch too many movies and are too brainwashed by Hollywood's values. Security officers not only deserve more respect than that, they have a legal right to it. I wasn't there so I don't know what actually happened but if the allegations are true it is an actual offense and just because Matthews is rich and famous he shouldn't automatically get away with it. I'm sick of celebrities thinking that they are above the law and also sick of people who don't have any respect for security unless they are protecting them or their stuff. Go Canucks Go!
  6. Maybe a little bad luck but mostly it's a case of the rest of the league hasn't got the memo yet that it isn't "open season" on Canucks players anymore. But maybe it was our team that failed to send that message. We better start working on that soon. Because I can't be the only one who is sick and tired of seeing our players get abused on the ice. Go Canucks Go!
  7. You may be joking but I think that you are closer to what's needed than you may be thinking. Not necessarily fighting, but I would like every single player in the organization to fully embrace the fact that this is a contact game. We need to work on a culture of team toughness. I don't really think that toughness is about how many fighters a team has, it's more about the whole team's attitude. Not everyone has to fight but I do think that everyone, and I mean everyone, has to be prepared to make a hit now and then and take a hit now and then to make a play. And also stick up for each other. It's not certain people's job alone to stick up for their teammates every single player needs to have each other's back out there. We have enough big bodies now but we still have to work on that culture of team toughness. If we are going to go anywhere when we make the playoffs that team cohesion is really needed, but it doesn't just come out of thin air, it has to be cultivated and entrenched. We made a few hits last night against Ottawa but we were still lacking in the toughness department. I'm not saying that we have to turn every pre-season game into a slug-fest, it's a long season, but I am suggesting that we need to be a little more aggressive as a whole team. Ottawa was clearly the aggressor and I think it actually helped them make the game closer than it should have been. Anyway the time to set the right tone is now! Go Canucks Go!
  8. I think Ottawa doesn't like the music tonight and is taking it out on the Canucks. Go Canucks Go!
  9. Who says I have a tiny screen? I use a desktop with a large monitor and that works for me. That's why I got rid of my TV. I agree that watching on a phone would be silly. I don't even own a smart phone, I still use a land line only. I don't mind if other people want to cling to TV, what annoys me is that TV cable companies are trying to prevent me, and other people like me, from doing something different than their business model. Instead of adapting they are trying to force the genie back into the bottle. That is both annoying and not very wise in my opinion. Corporations shouldn't be trying to control people's behavior they should be providing services based on people's behavior. The really annoying thing is that despite living on a small budget I am prepared to pay for it, just not a full cable subscription first (that is an insane requirement in my opinion considering I don't even have a TV). Not only do they not want my business they don't even want me to have the choice. That's what irks me. Go Canucks Go!
  10. I like Gaudette a lot but what's wrong with him starting the season in Utica? What's wrong with having an NHL quality player waiting in the wings? And not just sitting and waiting but getting better while he is waiting for a roster spot to open up. Competition for roster spots is a good thing, but the flip side of that means that someone who could possibly play in the NHL has to be sent down. That's what good teams do. Desperate teams have to have all hands on deck at all times. It's a good thing not a bad thing to have extra players who can hold their own at the NHL level. The only issue is how to keep them all. I think that Benning and Green are both doing fine work. I trust them to make the right call. Go Canucks Go!
  11. I'm not an expert on the highly and unnecessarily complicated rules of the NHL but I thought that if you claim someone off of waivers you have to play him on your NHL team. Go Canucks Go!
  12. I'm the opposite. I don't even have a TV anymore and if I want to watch at all it has to be online. And I do want to watch! The problem isn't the idea of streaming but the quality of the streaming. My issue is the cable companies trying to control the streaming (many don't allow online access unless you already have a cable subscription which makes no sense at all to me because I don't even have a TV). It's 2019 already, why do we have to own a TV and have a cable subscription in order to watch hockey? Go Canucks Go!
  13. Well I have to admit that I was being a bit over-critical and I could have held my tongue. But the guy talked like he was typing with no spaces between the words and I found that annoying. However I suppose I didn't need to say anything about it. I wish I could retract it now, but it's kind of hard now that you've brought attention to my indiscretion (and now I have too). I guess I just have to live with a little egg on my face. Go Canucks Go!
  14. I think that they are going to go for three scoring lines. The press robotically talks about the "top 6" as if that's the only way to build a team, but Benning always talks about the "top 9" (I think that's significant). Yes indeed there are lots of options, and lots of competition for roster spots, and that can only be a good thing. Go Canucks Go!