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  1. I trust Benning to what is good for the team, but that (proposed trade) ain't it. We don't really need a trade but if we can snipe an underperforming talent then why not? However, I don't think that trading away TWO defensemen is a good idea as we're a bit thin on defence as it is. I don't like what terrible.dee is suggesting: I much prefer Bonino over Kadri. I prefer calm consistent performance over flightiness. Kadri has some skills, and he does play with some "edge" but for my money he goes over that edge too often. There's still some good players on an underperforming Leafs team and so maybe there is a deal to be had. And I think that their draft picks are going to be worth more than ours. However, Nonis is in a desperate situation and we aren't. There's no reason to make a trade just to make a trade or to help Nonis, it has to help our team. I'm confident that Benning knows that though and I'm glad that fans don't get to make trades.