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  1. The only way we could've rebuilt is by trading the Sedins. I'm glad we didn't go down that path.
  2. Re-tooling was worth it just to watch the Sedins magic and them retire Canucks.
  3. “Practice? Practice? You talking bout practice?”
  4. Granlund>Shinkaruk I'm going to trust JB's scouting intelligence on this one Karlsson>Dahlen
  5. The oilers have tWo franchise centres and they'll still end up with a better lottery pick than us. What a joke, Bettman should've relegated them to the AHL.
  6. Like I said earlier, he’ll likely want to play against the Sens and bff Brady Tkachuk. It’s next Wednesday so that’s a week.
  7. I'm going to the Sens game, he'll likely want to play against Brady.
  8. The bottom 4 teams in the West used to be the powerhouse’s of the league. its the cirrrcle of lifeeee!