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  1. Should be down in Utica for a few months. I don't understand why he gets a free pass to the NHL so fast, let him pay his dues.
  2. Ifraan Gaffar is terrible at doing interviews and that's his only job.
  3. Gillis was still able to land our future starter for Luongo.
  4. TSN is basically Toronto's personal sports network. They admitted that during the draft lottery when they were so happy like we would be if the Canucks won the lottery.
  5. Carolina overpaid for Lack.
  6. Shorty is saying Aho wrong. It's "Ahhoe" not "A Hoe"
  7. Why do we have to copy the Lames?
  8. I already had a loaded offence with my keepers and my goalies always get hurt so I got a 3rd one this year. Just a lesson to always draft BPA.
  9. Brian Elliot better step his game up soon(not tonight). I passed on Auston Matthews to draft this guy in my keeper ffs.
  10. Kevin Lowe makes me sick, total scumbag.
  11. Etem and Shinkaruk lit up the WHL and they both get demoted to the AHL. Junior stats are overrated.
  12. Lack Hodgson Sturm
  13. The analytics group doing their best to tank the panthers.
  14. Baer and Granlund thanks Treliving.