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  1. Jim Benning Mic'd Up at the Draft

    Hayton is similar to Horvat and Bergeron. You need those type of guys as much as snipers.
  2. Ovechkin Wins ESPY For Best Male Athlete

    Hope his acceptance speech was similar to the cup parade.
  3. [SIGNING] Oilers sign Evan Bouchard

    Justin Schultz just commented "Get Out"
  4. Ask The Poster Below You Anything

    yes Should Toronto have picked Laine 1st overall.
  5. Jett Woo | D

  6. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    Tavares Mathews Kadri looks similar to Crosby Malkin Bonino and Kuznetzov Backstrom Eller But both teams had an elite Dman.
  7. Last 3 cup winners have had two elite centres and a solid 3rd line C. Good on Dubas for finding a way to make it happen. Edm Tor Pit Wsh next years cup winner?
  8. I have a feeling we’ll see an all-Canadian cup finals inside 10 years.
  9. [Discussion] Bring Hamhuis back?

    Why don’t we bring back Bieksa while we’re at it, move on.
  10. Canucks Top Prospects

    1. Jack Hughes projection-The Franchise DOA: 2019-2020 2.Quinn Hughes projection: da Norris DOA: 2019-2020
  11. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

  12. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    DC is the G.O.A.T
  13. Vegas was just in the cup finals as an Expansion, everything's out the door.
  14. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

    Baer-Horvat-Boeser Eriksson-Gagz-Pettersson Roussell-Sutz-Virtanen Schaeler-Beagle-Granlund Gaud is up against 8 point gagner.