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  1. Bobrovsky will probably rebound with his third vezina next season.
  2. Boeser took everyone by surprise in his rookie year. He had a unreal shot with great accuracy and power. Now the power of his shot and accuracy that helped him to set the record for the all-star accuracy contest don't seem to be there. I know the league is probably checking him tighter since his rookie season and goalies know what to expect. I just hope his injuries won't hold him back for the rest of his career the back/wrists. For now he's putting up points, mostly assists which is fine.
  3. Kes and Juice podcast "Lots of good $&!#" - Juice "I love the D" Kes Reviews are a 10/10 rating
  4. Boeser needs some new moves, maybe try shooting blocker side now??
  5. playboi19

    NFL thread

    My team has been ravaged by injuries. Thielen and David Johnson injuries killed me. Should I pick up Pascal or Snell to replace thielen?
  6. Bure “Mike Keenan beat me with a stick” -bure didn’t say this
  7. Nice to see us able to match the intensity of a heavy cup winning team again.
  8. Why would another team take that contract off the leafs, better coaches out there.