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  1. Quinnn FRACKING Hughhhhhhess! I think we should do a Hughhhhhh chant when he gets on the scoresheet. We need another LUUU. Or maybe WOOO, whenever Jett makes the team.
  2. The younger players call him Dad. I don't think Benning will let their dad go while they're still growing. Podkolzin will need a dad when he leaves Mother Russia.
  3. GSP said he will do a non-title fight. Also it will be Khabib's final fight as he attempts to finish 30-0. GSP was his fathers wish as an opponent.
  4. Pettersson is a stone cold killer, did you see the ice stare after his KO.
  5. Our guys are getting valuable experience, if we lose we get a chance at the 1st overall. If we win that's great too. Win-Win situation
  6. 3:07 Golden Knights not wearing their masks properly.
  7. Jake sitting out is a great sign for our team. This is what Benning was alluding to in his introductory press conference. Really good players are going to be fighting to get a spot on the Canucks from now on. We have built depth in prospects and NHL'ers.
  8. Same goes for me with Cybulski. He was saying the olli juolevi experiment is over, time to move on. Best not to take Vancouver media seriously. I hope the players know that now.