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  1. Wonderboy made Rory look pretty bad in his last fight. I'm not surprised the UFC doesn't want to pay big for him.
  2. That's my point, he wanted to pay assets to acquire the lesser d-man. He wanted Russell over Hamhuis 6 months ago for some reason.
  3. What happened Nil, no more love for Russell?
  4. Hope Paulie is the one who comes back and Paul wins the veto.
  5. That's his natural class. #Bitchtits
  6. Good job by both. But Connor busted Nate up and destroyed his leg. 1-1
  7. #B^tchT!ts.
  8. The rangers are declining, but whatever.
  9. McPhee will probably trade Kane for Lee Stempniak knowing him.
  10. Natalie and Michelle obviously out of the loop in the last vote. They should be gone next.
  11. He's already rich from his playing career and he has Stanley Cup rings. He gave it a go now he can chill.
  12. If craig simpson get's fired it's a merry christmas after all.
  13. Breaking Bad Game of Thrones The Walking Dead
  14. Ding Ning vs Li is so intense man. #tabletennis
  15. I'm not giving up Horvat for Subban. Let alone with multiple 1st round picks. Bergevin would have jumped all over that if it was true.