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  1. He dropped his gold in spoils of war and still saved Jaimie's life. He's not going to kill them for gold.
  2. Daniel won the Art Ross and Ted Lindsay awards the previous year. I think that type of superstar would've made all the difference. Sedin-Sedin-Burrows to Higgins-Sedin-Burrows It's like taking Rantanen off the Av's and replacing him with Andrighetto. Landeskog-Mackinnon-Rantanen to Landeskog-Mackinnon-Andrighetto The PP is a disaster, everyones moved up a line, it screws up everything.
  3. We had an excuse, Keith murdered D.Sedin before the 1st round. What excuse does Tampa have?
  4. I thought of it first. There's a reason Burkie is on radio now and can't run a team anymore. #elderly #slow
  5. New Jersey shouldn't be aloud to pick 1 again just like Edmonton 3 times in 4 years and then a 4th time. Wake up NHL
  6. Huberdeau/Barkov is like Kane/Toews but I don't see a Keith/Seabrook or a Hossa.
  7. They're going for coach Q. Florida has already put in an offer for him so they are basically going to offer him $50M like Babcock.