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  1. People with second homes prefer to live there when it gets cold, its smart.
  2. Derek wouldn't be able to repeat as everyone would know he's an undercover cop now. Dan is the only other guy who could get a one legged woman and a hothead to final 3.
  3. I would rank Paul as top 2 in big brother history.
  4. I would rather have a good 2nd liner than a decent one. I agree that's a good return for a 2nd round pick, but it's not good enough.
  5. Baertschi's play is too average. Rodin looked better than him in the preseason last year before he got injured. He looks like he's put on some more muscle this summer as well. We'll thank Tree for gifting us Granlund but Baer isn't what we had hoped.
  6. This season has been the most enjoyable that I've watched so far. There's even a girl named Christmas who will murder entire families to win. Loose Cannon, one legged murderer, evil guy from every superhero movie, and friendship.
  7. Prediction: Rodin steals Baertschi's spot
  8. I don't know if Benning got into meditation or something this summer, but he seems different. Like calmer and more in control of his thoughts.
  9. Horvat signs and it starts raining. Best day!
  10. I've done research into this exact thing. Some people are literally programmed to be negative. It's not their fault, just ignore those people.
  11. Benning comes through #BoKnows
  12. One of our prospects always gets mono before camp.
  13. Boeser had a similar stats in his first college season. They're probably bringing him in to mentor Boeser. Benning and Boeser already know Vanek so it's more of a comfortable fit than Jagr.
  14. I'm just glad guys like boucher, winnie the chaput and megna aren't gifted NHL spots. Now they'll have to fight to make it on the second the AHL. Bravo!