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  1. Took over 2 years for the rematch but still a shorter than GSP's training camp.
  2. Throwing Hot sauce/pickle juice in someones face is such a bitch move.
  3. Try outs are allowed but prospects have to be signed.
  4. Hopefully he becomes our Saad.
  5. Gegard Mousasi should be middleweight champ but the UFC wouldn't give him a shot.
  6. 8 years 100.01M
  7. Elias 'Human Highlight Reel' Pettersson
  8. or put a banana in it...
  9. don't forget Grey hair and the red head.
  10. Cody seems like a robot.
  11. Jeff O'neill is the biggest homer in Toronto little Auston Mathews d rider.
  12. Didn't last year
  13. We should sign Jagr to play with Horvat for one year. Tons of knowledge can be passed.
  14. Gagner should re-unite with pat kane.
  15. The tanking would have cost him his job as well. Most GM's who tank and get that superstar are usually fired after a year or two.