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  1. I would consider Dumba and a first round pick for Boeser. Maybe, we could throw in somebody else and get Zucker too. From what I saw of Dumba before his injury, he looks like a very good D man.
  2. I think that's crap. I'd talk to Gaunce, Tanner Kero, Reid Boucher and Biega and some of the older vets who were in Utica or who spent time there before I fire Cull. What did you expect him to do with all the call ups due to injuries? I think the Canucks need to look at every angle to prevent injuries including equipment changes.
  3. Forget the terrible contract. Eriksson is a better player and can play PK, PP and anywhere in your lineup. Maybe Goldy could be given the Hutton treatment and come back stronger and better but that's a crap shoot. Goldy had more than enough opportunity. He doesn't battle. I don't think he has it in him so I would lean towards trading him for any pick you can get. He will be 24 in October. If the Canucks were generous enough to give him one more chance, I'd give him training camp and a couple of weeks and if there's no improvement cut bait.
  4. Being an eternal optimist and a Canucks fan since their start, I'm not too disappointed with tonight's game. The Granlund error was unfortunate in that it allowed a penalty shot (we don't see that often). That goal hurt. Teves looked pretty good. Too bad about the goal after his penalty but I would like to see more of him. One game doesn't tell much. I liked our comeback and Horvat was a beast in the face-off circle. Virtanen had a good game as did Leivo. I liked that we outhit the Ducks and Schenn looks more and more like he will get a contract next year (I hope so). From here on in, I want to see this team end on a high note and show promise for next season.
  5. I was tracking the Comets from BC and it's too bad they may have fallen out of playoff contention (I hope not). They seem to have great fans and I bet the Aud would be a fun place to watch the Comets play. I hope that Kole Lind and Jonah Gadjovich improve and that Mike Dipietro comes in and plays well. Brisebois and Sautner should continue to improve for the Comets. Anyway, I'm thinking that Utica will have a better team next year. Hopefully, the injury bug doesn't bite us again.
  6. Smart coaches don't put a D on his off-wing unless you have no other choice due to injuries (i.e. Hughes will play on the left side as he is a left handed shot). If you've played the game, you'd realize how hard it is to take a puck off the boards on your off-wing. Right handed shooters represent about 40% of the total in the NHL. Schenn, being a right handed shot would be a little more valuable commodity for NHL teams looking for a 5-6 D man. It's much easier for a forward to play on his off-wing and it provides a better shooting angle when they're rushing in on the goalie. I hope we sign Schenn for a year or two to fill that 5-6-7 D-man position. I also like Biega (a right handed shot) as a 5-6-7 D-man. Hopefully, we'll have room to keep both unless we pick up Tyler Myers as he is also a right handed shot. I'm not a fan of destroying our cap space to sign a 29 year old Erik Karlsson to a long term contract (especially, given our core players are 20 to 24 years old).
  7. Imo, Schenn is outplaying Gudbranson. I liked what Guddy brought as a big physical player but I think Schenn brings the physical side plus he is better at defending and moving the puck out of our end. However, I'm looking forward to seeing these last several games to see if Schenn's responsible play can continue. In his 7 games in Utica, Schenn was plus 3 and in the 12 games with the Canucks he is only minus 3 on a team with a weak defence. Guddy is minus 20 based on his 71 NHL games this season. From what I've seen so far, I would definitely be willing to keep Schenn as a 5, 6, or spare D man. I hope we offer him a contract.
  8. That's a big point increase over his previous years and it's great but our enthusiasm needs to be tempered with the fact he was a 20 year old in the OHL. But let's take a glass half full view.
  9. I'd give Edler 3 years at $6 million per year and a No Trade Clause but definitely no No Move Clause. If he will only accept a NMC then I would let him walk. If Benning caves and gives him a NMC then I will no longer support Benning as our GM. We cannot be forced to protect a 35 year old Edler at the Seattle expansion draft in two years (absolutely not!); especially, with his age and injury history. He is a good D but on a Stanley Cup contender he would be a 3/4 D at best. I would rather tank one more year than sign Edler with a NMC or sign a 29 year old Karlsson at an enormous cost. I like Edler and he has been a loyal Canuck but we don't owe him anything more than 3 years at $ 6 million a year with a NTC (even $6 million a year might be a little too high given his age and injury history). Realistically, we are not close to a Cup contender until about 3 years from now. We don't need anymore 28+ year old players unless they are average players with average salaries and short terms. We will need to throw tons of money (reducing our cap space) at our young high end core players over the next couple of years, so we better save our money. We need to add players that fit our core (20 to 24 years old) so that they can mature and develop together. As Linden realized, there is no shortcut to building a successful franchise. Our biggest mistake was delaying our rebuild with the Sedins. We should've started the rebuild earlier and scrapped the retool plan.
  10. I would not throw boat loads of money at Karlsson who will be 29 this year and who has had many injury issues over the past few years. I would show him the money if he was 3 years younger. By the time our core has matured and is ready to be a cup contender (about 3 to 4 years from now), Karlsson will be 32 in 3 years and, unless he's lucky, he'll be trending downwards. I like Baumer's D plan (mobile, puck moving, quick break-outs, joining the rush) but we don't have the players to play the way he would like us to play - hopefully, soon. We are almost OK when we have a healthy lineup but we have little D depth.
  11. I'd give Edler 5 to 6 million a year for two or three years and a NTC but not a NMC. We cannot afford to be forced to protect (re a NMC) a 35 year old when Seattle has their expansion draft in two years. If he wants more than that, at age 33, I'd let Eddy walk. Like others have said, Eddy is loyal and a solid D man but he has had a lot of injuries and he wouldn't be more than a 3/4 D-man on a cup contender. Having said that, he probably deserves to be in the Canucks' Ring of Honour someday.
  12. Can anybody tell me why Tim Schaller is more deserving of an NHL spot over Brendan Gaunce who is about 3.5 years younger? I think Gaunce has more upside and they both play almost identical roles. Both players aren't speedsters. I don't know why we signed Schaller. I mean Schaller is OK and kills penalties but he isn't better than Gaunce and he's a lot more expensive. Gaunce is playing good hockey in the AHL (33 pts in 42 games) and I think he deserves a chance to play more than just a couple of games. I thought his play was improving at the end of last season.
  13. I'd keep Granlund who is a Swiss Army knife player who battles and plays a complete 200 foot game. Most likely a bottom 6 player but can play top 6 if need be due to injuries. As for Gaunce, I've always liked that kid and I just think he's going to be a late bloomer who could play in the Canucks 3rd or 4th line (likely the latter). I'd take Gaunce over Schaller as I think Gaunce has more skill and he's almost 4 years younger. They play a similar role when on the Canucks. I'd trade Schaller and bring up Gaunce or let Gaunce finish the season in Utica and then bring him up next year. I'd like to give him another look on the Canucks.
  14. A Canucks fan since 1968 (before the NHL)

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    2. sockeye


      Thanks for the reply.  I assume you're commenting about my lengthy support of the Canucks (since 1970).  I also spent 10 years in Alberta and had to put up with my friends who were Flames fans.  1989 was especially painful (Flames won the cup). No point in changing allegiances now.  Now, I guess I just wear the pain as a badge of honour :) - not much else to do.  I hope I live long enough to see the Canucks hoist a cup.

    3. diesel_3


      How brutal was it at the time the Canucks missed out on a guy like Gilbert Perrault and ended up with Dale Talon. Were people pissed? I assume they would be pissed.

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      remember the whl and the pcl canucks? i go back to jean beliveau and the 6 team league. 

      i remember the donnie brooks the canucks and n.w. royals used to have. the quinn and kurtenback scrap. i would have liked to have seen that.

  15. Hi lof. I am also a civil servant. I work as an Environmental Health Officer in Salmon Arm. I play soccer for an over 45 mens' team - so we have the love of soccer in common. I like beer too (it doesn't like me much because it gives me a slight allergic reaction). Cheers!