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  1. Was Pat Quinn at the Leafs game tonight?

    Reminds me of this: After the 666th MNF, Mark Sanchez has 6 TDs, 6 INTs, is averaging 6.6 yards per attempt, has a QB rating of 66.6, and wears No. 6? Oh, Lord. — Bruce Arthur (@bruce_arthur)
  2. Is Richardson the odd man out?

    That's why you have depth. Most likely we'll never have a stretch of games where we're fully healthy. 82 games is a long season. However, I could see Horvat taking over Richardson's role at some point in the season. That role being the 3rd line centre who's trusted to match up against other lines and not be sheltered as well as the centre who's taking the defensive zone draws when we're needing a win. Richardson is currently leading the bottom 6 in time on ice as well as penalty kill time among forwards. He's playing a big role on the team. He's played that role pretty much since the season opened and he's been just average. He did win that one game for us when he scored the two goals but other than that there's nothing to write home about. His line has been scored on more than it's scoring. It's not proving offence or really driving play. He's winning less than half of his faceoffs which just isn't good enough. How many times have you heard Shorty saying he's getting killed in the draws in games. He's never really been challenged for his minutes as both Vey and Matthias don't seem tailored for that role. With Horvat sticking with the team and playing well, Richardson should watch his back. I too would like to see Horvat stick with Hansen and Dorsett as they've be solid together. They're currently outscoring Richardson's line all be it with Hansen playing in the top 6 in games (Horvat's only played 9 games though.) With Kassian going down it opens up an opportunity for the so called 4th line to get more minutes. Kassian drives that 3rd line not Richardson. I'll look to find the article but I read that Mathias and and Richardson are both -25+ corsi where's as Kassian is only -2. You could say it doesn't really matter what label is put on the lines but really the 3rd line is the one getting the more minutes. Sedin-Sedin-Vrbata Higgins-Bonino-Burrows Dorsett-Horvat-Hansen Matthias-Richardson-Vey Hopefully Jensen gets the call up. I'd like to see him on that 4th line wing over Vey.
  3. Is Richardson the odd man out?

    This. It seems quite a few of you didn't read the entire post before commenting. I am not saying we should move Richardson. That would only hurt our depth and no one wants to see Sestito as our 13th forward. Maybe I should have used a different title but controversy drives traffic. The question I'm asking is whether or not you see Horvat overtaking Richardson? Let's not kid our selves, we're not beating the best teams in our conference with Richardson as our 3rd line centre. He's a very solid player, like someone said a stop-gap 3rd line centre. But if you watched the Chicago game you saw that Horvat's line was being given 3rd line minutes and the defensive zone draws that Richardson was being given previously. Can Horvat overtake Richardson? He's already shown it but can he keep it up? The coaching staff has already said Horvat is sticking with the team, he's not staying on the team to be the 13th forward that's for sure. If there's anyone in the lineup that's being given the role you would like to see Horvat take, it's Richardson. You want to see younger players take veterans jobs and it looks like the coaching staff will give Horvat the opportunity to play a bigger role on this team.
  4. With the emergence of Horvat is Richardson the odd man out in the bottom 6? Why is it when the question is asked as to who should sit out, Richardson is never mentioned? It seems at the start of the season everyone on here was calling for Hansen to sit out but with his recent play he's vaulted up to second on the team in goals. He brings speed which this team is lacking. He's also able to play on any line and so far this season is WD's second option on the Sedin's wing(to this dismay of some on here) First few weeks of the season, Matthias was deemed the odd man out. Playing in the Western Conference you need size and he's been very solid over the past few weeks. He's looked good on the wing. It seems Dorsett has been pegged as a 4th line winger since Day 1. That's his role and he's been better than advertised. He also brings toughness and doesn't shy away from a fight. He's perfect for a 4th line role on a WD team. I'm sure WD will sit Kassian at times this season if he's not playing well but he's the type of player you want on the team. He brings size and scoring ability in the bottom 6, plus he drives play. I don't have the numbers in the front of me but I seem to recalling reading that both Matthias and Richardson have better possession numbers with Kassian than without. Vey seems like the odd man out at this point with his inability to win draws and his poor choices in the defensive zone. But he's a young player that brings skill, something this team has been lacking for years. He's also looked like a fit on the first powerplay unit. Plus management has lots of faith in him and want to see him succeed. If you had asked me last week I would have said Horvat would be sent down to junior as I didn't see him taking minutes away from the regulars. It wasn't that long ago that his line was benched late and was the odd man out before Burrows went down. But this kid can play. He scored that beauty of a goal in the Anaheim game but his real coming out party was in the Chicago game when he showed the coaching staff he could play in this league. In the process his line took minutes away from our so called 3rd line. He can win draws(currently sitting above 60%) and is solid defensively. Getting to Richardson it seems his play has really dropped over the past few games. Is it just me or does it seem that his line is the one that is always scored on? Plus/Minus isn't the greatest indicator but it says something when the 3rd line is -25 combined(I know there's only one minus per goal) He's also currently going through a cold streak on the draw dropping him to 47.3%. If he isn't reliable defensively and isn't winning draws why is he in the lineup? It isn't for his scoring ability. You would think Kassian would have a lot more assists at this point if Richardson wasn't his centre. Let's not forget Richardson was LA's 13th forward. With all the talk of how deep we are, it does make you think when LA's 13th best forward is currently our 3rd line centre. Plus that's a role he's played before. Having Richardson as our 13th forward is a great luxury to have. I don't see WD splitting up the 4th line(Dorsett-Horvat-Hansen) any time soon but if Horvat sticks around it seems he'll be given the opportunity to move up a line. I also don't see Richardson being sat out when Burrows comes back as he's gained WD trust. He's being given the most minutes out of all bottom 6 players and has a key role on the PK(most minutes from the forward group.) But it seems that WD is losing a bit of trust in him lately and if Horvat can take some PK minutes away from the other forwards it isn't inconceivable. If there's one role Horvat seems perfect for, it's the one Richardson is currently occupying. tl;dr My question is will Horvat take Richardson's spot in the lineup?
  5. Prince Albert Raiders' new mascot causes stir

    Ezra that you?
  6. Trade For What?

    Andrew Ference is 5'11" and is barely a top 4 defenceman on the Oilers.
  7. Remembrance day controversy in Ontario

    Ezra Levant wrongly accuses Ontario school board of allowing exemptions for Muslim students on Remembrance Day A school board in southwestern Ontario is trying to correct the record after Sun Media personality Ezra Levant incorrectly accused it of kowtowing to Muslim students who wanted to avoid commemorating Remembrance Day In a column published Tuesday in Sun newspapers, Mr. Levant writes that the Greater Essex County District School Board, which includes Windsor and Leamington, Ont., instructed principals “to be prepared to exempt Muslim students from Remembrance Day.” This is a catch-all ASF view; only displays when an unsupported article type is put in an ASF drop zone He points to a memo issued last week in which Superintendent Sharon Pyke suggests accommodations may be made for some children. “Some families may be reluctant to have their children attend your location municipality’s ceremonies. Please note that meaningful alternate activities should be provided at the schools for those families who do not wish their children to participate in any Remembrance Day ceremonies.” In his column, Levant says: “It's a disgrace that any family would object to it – especially an immigrant family who came here to benefit from our country. It would call into question the basis on which they applied for and were granted citizenship. “And even if some old bigot from a backwoods village in Pakistan or Somalia doesn’t want to respect Canada, that's where our schools come in and teach those bigots' kids and grandkids what it means to be Canadian. “It's insulting that either parents or the school board thinks Remembrance Day is in any way anti-Muslim.” He adds: “Could you imagine if a German or Japanese family objected? The obvious question would be: Do you think Hitler or Mussolini or Hirohito were right? That’s the implication of Muslim families objecting to Remembrance Day – that we were wrong.” He voiced similar sentiments in a segment that aired Monday during his nightly show on the Sun News Network. In fact, the school board says, its memo had nothing to do with Muslim families. Rather, it was a response in part to safety concerns raised by parents whose children might be attending public memorial events. On Tuesday, about 300 students participated in a memorial at the Windsor Cenotaph that included dozens of veterans in uniform. “It’s because of the attack that happened at the Cenotaph in Ottawa, and the fact that it’s apparent that ISIL or ISIS has targeted individuals in uniform, and there would be individuals in uniform in attendance at public ceremonies,” said Scott Scantlebury, a public-relations officer with the board, in an interview. Last month, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was shot while serving as honour guard at the National War Memorial in Ottawa. In a separate incident, Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent was run down in a parking lot in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que. The school board memo, which was primarily about the significance of Remembrance Day, included a series of six links directing teachers to online resources. It was accompanied by 10 photographs, including pictures of Sikh soldiers and veterans, an Ojibwa Canadian veteran of the Korean War, a Mennonite veteran and a Jewish soldier in a prayer shawl carrying a Torah. “Remembrance Day is a wonderful ‘teachable moment’ – and the Canadian War Museum has lots to offer with resources that are reflective of our Canadian nation – and our equally diverse local population,” read the memo, with a link to a page on the National War Museum site. Other links included a memorial about the first Canadian Muslim woman to wear a hijab in uniform. There are also links to Google Image search results featuring aboriginal Canadian soldiers, African Canadian soldiers, and Asian Canadian soldiers. “There were some links included on the memo that were provided for principals and schools doing Remembrance Day ceremonies that helped reinforce the diversity of our armed forces, because that’s sometimes a forgotten element,” said Mr. Scantlebury, who noted that the Greater Essex County is one of the most diverse in Canada. Mr. Scantlebury said on Tuesday that he was not aware of any student that had requested any special accommodation. He added that he had been receiving calls on the matter for much of the day. “We feel it’s very unfortunate that this has taken away, somewhat, from what is a very solemn occasion in our schools,” he said. Mr. Levant’s column ends with a call to sign a petition protesting the school board at There, Levant’s supporters can purchase T-shirts sporting a Canadian flag design and the statement “If you don’t love it, leave.” They can also buy tickets to a three-night “Free Speech” tour featuring Levant and Sun Media’s Brian Lilley. VIP seats for the stop in Red Deer, Alta., are priced at $109.85. This is the text of the memo sent out by Superintendent Sharon Pyke of the Greater Essex County School Board: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 is Remembrance Day. Remembrance Day (also known as Poppy Day or Armistice Day) is a memorial day observed in Commonwealth countries since the end of World War I to remember those who have served and sacrificed as a member of the armed forces. The 11 day of November recalls the end of hostilities of World War I on that date in 1918 "at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month". The red remembrance poppy has become a familiar symbol of Remembrance Day due to the poem "In Flanders Fields". Poppies bloomed across some of the worst battlefields of Flanders in World War I; their brilliant red colour an appropriate symbol for the blood spilled in the war. Veterans Affairs Canada states that the date is of "remembrance for the men and women who have served, and continue to serve our country during times of war, conflict and peace"; specifically, the First and Second World Wars, the Korean War, and all conflicts since then in which members of the Canadian Forces have participated, including international peace-keeping missions. Some schools may have their own school assemblies while others may choose to participate in the ceremonies of their local municipalities such as the Windsor Cenotaph. Please be mindful that some families may be reluctant to have their children attend your location municipality’s ceremonies. Please note that meaningful alternate activities should be provided at the schools for those families who do not wish their children to participate in any Remembrance Day ceremonies. Please find attached some images that reflect Canada’s diverse military and to honour those families who are, and have been our allies in conflicts that we as a nation, have participated. There is also a DVD created by Mary Catherine Langlois that was sent out last week for your consideration. Remembrance Day is a wonderful ‘teachable moment’ – and the Canadian War Museum has lots to offer with resources that are reflective of our Canadian nation – and our equally diverse local population. Other links: [Editor’s note: This is a dead link. Cached version of the page is available here.]! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.
  8. Should Athletes be Perceived as Role Models?

    Kids should look up to someone worth looking up to. I looked up to Joe Sakic growing up. Is there a more perfect role model in sports?
  9. Predict the Canucks bottom 6

    This is a common misconception. I wouldn't say we rolled 4 lines in 2011. The 4th line was given around 5-8 minutes at even strength in a sheltered role. Playing more than 5 minutes less at even strength than 3rd line players. Besides Tanner Glass and Tambellini(who moved throughout the lineup) the team never had constant 4th line which could be trusted with significant minutes. About a dozen different forwards played games on the 4th line. Most of which are out of the league(RIP Rypien). Players being: Bolduc(24 games), Oreskovich(16), Schaefer(16)Volpatti(15), Desbiens(12), Rypien(9), Hodgson(8), Perrault(7), Bliznak(4), Andersson(4). It's sometimes forgotten that Higgins and Lapierre were both added at the deadline to bolster the 4th line but with injuries to Malohtra and Samuelsson, both were moved up in the lineup. The 4th line again in the playoffs only played around 7 minutes at ES and were heavily outmatched against BOS. A 4th line consisting of Glass, Tambellini, Oreskovich, Hodgson in the first 3 rounds was just thrown out without much of a role. Even the heroic return of Malhotra in game 2 of the finals couldn't tip the scales in the Canucks favour. You could say we were so dominant in the regular season that we didn't need a 4th line but it would have been nice to have that extra depth against Boston. However, injuries did play a part as the plan for Higgins and Lapierre was to play on the 4th line. A lot of people are calling to trade away a veteran winger(Hansen being named quite often) to make room for a younger player but with injuries a common theme in the NHL, it's always a plus to have that extra depth you can rely on.
  10. His Qualifying offer would be 9 million...
  11. I had the exact same thing happen to me yesterday. The dude just posted 3 words, which I couldn't get out of my head through the entire episode. When it finally happened it deflated the finale for me. Looks like I can't read comments on anything anymore, I don't see what anyone gets out of purposely spoiling shows. Ah so bummed about it.
  12. The Walking Dead Thread

    Zombie Henrik is actually Zombie Daniel and vice versa.

    You must already have 3 retained salaries. You'll have to wait until at least one of those contracts expire as you can't go over 3 contract limit.

    PHX didn't appreciate you playing my AI. Next time please send me a PM. Thank you. If anyone needs to play ANA, feel free to send me a PM.

    Sorry about the mix up. I had messaged Beaver about the trade earlier in the week. Are you the commissioner now? I sent a request to join the league.