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  1. Another vote for Johnny Canuck. At least as a 3rd
  2. Agreed the new shoulder patches are a plus of the new jersey so I updated my concept to have them as well
  3. While I'm not thrilled that the orca is staying I am at least happy that the word mark is going away (finally) I still feel the same way about it today as I did when it debuted. I'm willing to give the new look a chance before I give final judgment but I'm still disappointed overall. I think the orca could work with these colours but they failed to address the other 2 major flaws of the jersey and that is the lack of green in the logo and the awful font. It still looks so clip art-ish and slapped on just sticks out so bad. Not sure why the resistance to use the full colour pallet in the logo. And the euro style name/number font is terrible and looking mid 2000's dated a return to the classic block font is badly needed. The Canucks have history with that font since the teams inception it's my biggest gripe even more so than the orca itself. I made this concept years ago that I still think looks better than the new leak...
  4. Thank you so much for trying out Clutch tonight DJ Dave. Really appreciate how you interact with us, the fans. I think it sounded awesome! Keep up the great work!


  5. Thanks for the info bud. Gonna try it out and see what happens. ;)

  6. hey another person from the cariboo!