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  1. Thanks guys! Appreciate it!
  2. Thanks man! Never know. His later canucks masks were simple with solid stripes so it would be possible I'm not skilled enough to make his masks from his 1st couple seasons tho lol
  3. Hey guys. Just showing off my freshly painted Kirk Mclean tribute ball hockey mask. A few minor flaws but overall I'm happy with it. Still some detailing to do n top. What do you guys think?
  4. Wow, I knew coming in it was going to be tough to beat the Stamps with them on this emotional high, but this is beyond embarrassing... Did the coaching staff even attempt to prepare the team before this game? They look like they have no idea what they're doing out there offensively and defensively. All the new players are looking TERRIBLE!
  5. Yep, Glenn can get it done. So it's not like this is some big break for the Lions. However if the Lions play their best they should be able to beat the Stamps. I truly believe that which either team wins the run game Sunday will win the football game. Just slightly off topic here for a second, I have to rant a bit at the start time here. I know I might be in the minority of the public, but I work graveyard shift starting Saturday, so because of the 1 pm start time there's no way I can watch the game live now. I just wish they would have kept the normal start time or even 4 or 5 would have been ok. But I guess TSN wants to capitalize on the Eastern timezone too. Still, just a crappy situation for me.
  6. You're just a fracking typical ignorant moron NFL snob. GTFO if you don't like it! Why are you even watching then?
  7. *waives white flag
  8. lol so what else is on. Wow...
  9. Impressive play from a badly beat up Lions team tonight. Reilly looks legit! Sad we'll probably lose him in the upcoming expansion draft. The pressure on Joseph early was imo the turning point of the game. He had zero time most of the 1st quarter and looked rattled the rest of the game even when the Lions stopped blitzing. Woot for locking up 1st place!
  10. Is Matt Dunigan driving anyone else crazy with his commentary in the Bombers Argos game? Jeeze man, we get it. You're in love with Buck Peirce, give it a rest already. We don't need to hear you cream your jeans over him on every play... Also seeing him stand in on every play taking more and more huge hits just reinforces how right the decision was to let go of him. The guy just doesn't learn. There's a point where you cross over from gutsy to just plain stupid.
  11. Good win yesterday, best overall performance of the season imo. Anyone see the Bombers/Stamps game today? Wow, how many more hilarious ways can Winnipeg come up with to piss away a win this season. lol
  12. Bwahahaha! That's awesome. I laughed so hard at that play.
  13. Wow, close right to the end! Very sloppy game by the Lions, but they pulled out the big plays when they had to. Congrats to Geroy too! Need to tighten it up next week!
  14. What a horsesh*t call that was. Lions getting screwed by the reffs yet again. Can feel this one slipping away...
  15. Wow, Lions look like garbage right now...