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  1. Skytrain Manners - What bugs You?

    This one instance I was on the millennium line in a packed compartment. I got shuffled to one of the ends of the train where there was this really snooty lady keeping her shopping bag on the only vacant seat. She was avoiding eye contact with passengers as she quite obviously didn't want anyone sitting next to her and no one was willing to confront her for it. The train stopped at Broadway and Commercial and this beyond pungent, raggedy and loud vagrant got on and made a bee line for the seat. She saw him coming and quickly removed her bag practically begging me to occupy the seat before he got there which I politely declined, knowing what was coming. He plopped himself next to her and she immediately recoiled in disgust at the nauseating odour which pretty much cleared one side of the train. He noticed her reaction and exclaimed "whassamatter??!" I got off the next stop and couldnt stop chuckling.
  2. The Workout Thread

    Thanks for sharing your routine. I'm going to try and adopt the morning run and gym after work routine.The few times I do get out and run super early, I find it really sets the tone for the rest of the day and I just feel productive before the day has even started. The only issue with going to the gym 5-7pm is its ridiculously busy and you can't even get a decent workout in. I usually go an hour before closing but it isn't ideal. Are you finding the ephedrine effective? I'm looking for a good pre-workout.
  3. The Workout Thread

    Hm, I should give it a shot. Trying to commit to the same morning run/evening weights routine to really get into shape. I lost 80lbs years ago since after high school and have maintained a fairly athletic physique, but trying to bring it to the next level by toning up and getting more definition.
  4. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Forever a Canuck at heart
  5. Always nice to see someone who has no ties to Vancouver, adopt the Canucks as their team. Love reading how passionate she is about the sport.
  6. The way they've shown respect and class despite a loss, has greatly shot up their standings in my books. The commaderie displayed in light of the emotional evening this already was, punched me right in the feels.
  7. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    If the islanders select Brady Tkachuk with Calgary's first round pick, I would be almost as elated as us selecting first overall.
  8. [PGT] New York Islanders vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I love how Bertuzzi is keeping tabs on the team and the players still. I bet Jake is thrilled to have some praise from him.
  9. Canuck's Top 10 Prospects

    I'm sorry, but why do you feel the need to dispute posts months after they were posted? I always see you dregg up other people's old posts just so you can toot your own horn stating that they were 'obviously' wrong. It irks me to no end when people resurrect old posts just so they can boast at a time when the context is more convenient to bring it up...That's not an argument or rebuttal. That's lazily picking your battles so you can look better by design.
  10. 2018 Winter Olympic Games Thread

    My heart can't take anymore...
  11. [GDT] 2018 NHL All-Star Game

    Goodness, what a player and human being. It's hard not to absolutely love him.
  12. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

  13. I bet Spicer is doing a little jig right now.
  14. Bachman on Horvat ( article)

    It's the intangibles like his work ethic, focus and character that make him priceless. Yeah, others drafted ahead of him in his draft class may have more "star" power, but with everything he brings to the table he's much more valuable IMO.