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  1. It's the intangibles like his work ethic, focus and character that make him priceless. Yeah, others drafted ahead of him in his draft class may have more "star" power, but with everything he brings to the table he's much more valuable IMO.
  2. ^ is there any way to activate a spam filter??
  3. It's gratifying reading about the Flames' performance woes while also realizing that all of our goals tonight were from ex-Flames they had given up on.
  4. I just finished the novel and thought the same thing. It started out pretty strong but when it got into the actual back story of "It" and it's history, it just spiraled from there. The last 1/3 of the book complete dissolved any fear factor it previously had going on.
  5. You have got to be the most cynical and uptight poster I've ever encountered on a internet forum ever. Nothing honestly ever seems to escape your scrutiny or judgement does it? PS. Don't forget to report me for derailing this thread or being uncivil.
  6. +1 Honey badger does give a f*** .
  7. I binge watched the entire thing yesterday after a rec from a friend. Best thing I've watched in a long time.
  8. My god, you're grouchy today aren't you?
  9. Ha, nice.
  10. To be honest, I'm more into reading these forums to keep up to date on current goings-ons. What grates me the most is your constant fickleness that discourages new discussion. I mean to me, this was a completely valid topic that I was pleased to see, rather than all of the current negativity surrounding Benning's off season moves. To see you automatically come in with this holier-than-thou attitude to posters offering new opinions or views is sickening. Sure there are threads already discussing all of the points the poster brought up, but the whole idea of the thread from what I got, was the OP trying to incite some positivity on these forums for a change of the offseason. Why don't you try and lighten up for a change and allow new discussion rather than to be an annoying pseudo-mod?
  11. Actually, apparently he was charged in the past for already killing one!
  12. Went to elementary/ high school with Shea Weber and was also in the same grade as Cody Franson. I've met Linden, Higgens,Kesler, Kassian, Raymond, Lack and the Sedins several times on the streets/ in shops.
  13. I literally just snorted coffee out my nose.
  14. Hiked Garibaldi a few days ago and absolutely loved it. Got a few scrapes, bruises and a little sun burned but it seriously sparked a thirst for hiking in me. Any other recommendations within a few hours drive of Vancouver? Would also like something that's a bit more 'rugged' and less well-traveled. Still working on my endurance and coming off a back injury so something doable in 8-9 hours or less would be optimal.