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  1. Its kind of scary how close the SHLL pattern follows VTIQ. Both went to the moon once they broke ~$18, and then couldn't break $35. Expecting it to go down into the mid $20's again. FYI, I had a stop limit set to $30, made 100% profit.
  2. I'm expecting a pullback on Monday. Going to wake up early and potentially sell off some more. Let's hope next week goes a lot better than this week.
  3. Merger isn't until the fall so you have time. There will be lots of ups and downs, just like with NKLA. I also sold off my DKNG this morning. Too much risk attached to it for not enough reward. Happy with my profits. Might jump back in if it drops under $32 and/or the sports world continues.
  4. Pulled out 1/3 of my SHLL. Will add more shares if it drops back down but I'm playing this one safe to maximize my returns.
  5. I was wondering if you guys have any alternatives to thinkorswim for the tools they have?
  6. I have huge FOMO right now on break at work. Set a buy limit for $46 before I left and now it's at $91 in after hours...
  7. I think CCL hits 30 by the end of the week.
  8. Back up to $5.47 with another stop. I sold at $10.17 and I'm still stressed lol. Looking to buy back in soon if it rebounds.
  9. It's already moving back up again. I just paid off a half a year of my PharmD because of this stock in 2 days. Looking to constantly pull what I don't want to lose and keep playing with some profits. Also, DKNG, PENN and GAN look like they could be a good buy for tomorrow. The NBA votes If it's season continues tomorrow. Bought them all in the teens and I could see them still going up as sports begin to come back.
  10. Be happy you didn't. Bought back in at $3.33 with my profits and now it's at $4.17 in after hours... This thing won't stop.
  11. Sold off at 37.43. will probably buy back in during the next dip.
  12. Bought in at $2.54, sold at $3.50. Easiest money I've made in one day so far.
  13. I might have accidentally lied earlier for the better. Forgot to hit sell so I'm up an extra $400 USD for that.
  14. Doing the same in a couple minutes. Bought at $16, sold at $33, then bought again at $23, selling at $33 the moment it happens or starts to dip.
  15. Seems like many think it should hit $4 by the end of tomorrow, and possibly $5 by the end of next week if the potential Disney rumour becomes official.