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  1. 2017-2018 line up (with what we have)

    Beartchi-Horvat-Rodin Sedin-Sedin-Granlund/Granlund Eriksson--Gagner-Goldobin/Granlund Burmistrov-Sutter-Dorsett Gaunce, Boucher Edler-Stetcher Hutton-Tanev Del Zotto-Gudbranson Biega Markstrom Nilsson Really hoping to sign Yakupov, low risk, very high reward. If we do, send Boeser to Utica, and try to have Yak rekindle his offensive ability. If not, just waive him and call Boeser up. Overall, a very good year for Jim Benning and Co.
  2. That could work too, give them sheltered, offensive minutes to feed off of. Goldy is also a good passer, which is why i feel like it could work with Sutter and Eriksson crashing the net. The more I think about it though, I can't help but feel our "young" guns are going to start off in the minors, with the possibility of being called up sometime throughout the year. I'm expecting a young lineup, like the one I posted earlier, or a reclamation project lineup, which will just be to grind out the upcoming season.
  3. With the rumors of Gagner, Yakupov, Burmistrov and Del Zotto coming to Vancouver, I see them definitely wanting to ease prospects into the line-up (Petersson, Dahlen, Virtanen up front, Juolevi, Subban, etc on the back end), while still attempting to improve the PP. From what I know, Del Zotto sucks on the PP, but is tremendous in transition 5v5. As long as he uses his skating and speed, he's an effective defenceman. We don't have many better choices so he will get a chance to help our PP out anyways if he can. Gagner on the other hand, is brutal 5v5 but great on the PP, which should help a team like ours. The rest are reclamation projects, low risk, high reward. Baertchi-Horvat-Boeser Sedin-Sedin-Granlund Eriksson-Sutter-Goldobin Rodin-Gagner-Yakupov Gaunce, Burmistrov, Dorsett Edler-Stetcher Hutton-Tanev Del Zotto-Gudbranson Biega PP1: Gagner-Horvat-Boeser Baertchi-Stetcher PP2: Sedin-Sedin-Yakupov Eriksson-Del Zotto
  4. Jim Benning on 1040 3pm PST Feb. 27th

    Benning just told the reporter to youtube him, and he said f**k on live radio.
  5. [GDT] Sens vs Canucks @ 7 pm, SNET V, TSN 5, RDS 2

    Anyone know who starts in goal?
  6. *** Big Brother 18 Thread ***

    The difference is that Paulie is playing the game. Andy sat there doing nothing. His social game wasn't what won him the game, it's just that everyone else was hated by the jury, allowing him to win. He won the same way how Ian won over Dan in season 14 ( I think) when Dan was far and away the best player. But I do agree. The other house guests are brutal.
  7. *** Big Brother 18 Thread ***

    Don't understand the hate for Paulie. He's literally the only one playing the game right now without a personal issue. Would have loved to have Frank and Paulie to work together but obviously that broke up real quick.
  8. If we had the 4th overall pick.

    Dubois is by far the best of at 4, and I even have him at 3. The guy is great at every tool and potential to be a #1C or winger in the NHL. After Dubois i would take one of the 3 d. Not high on Tkatchuk at all, see him as a fringe 2nd/3rd liner. Lower than keller on my list. He's more of a support player than a player you build around, somewhat like Dal Colle or Crouse in the last couple years.
  9. Ryan Kesler is a beast.

    Bonino Just started clicking with Kessel. Sbisa and Dorsett are nothing to write home about. A barely #6 D and a 12th forward, both of whom are overpaid. By the way, you think Sutter would get us into the playoffs? You said it earlier, and I'm really hoping you are sarcastic. Karlsson can't even get the Sen's in the playoffs and their roster is better than ours. McCann will be better than Kesler offensively? If that was the case, the guy would have been a top 5 pick. He has a chance to have 3/4 of the production Kes does. And this is coming from one of McCann's biggest fans. Kesler's offensive tools are inflated? The guy is carrying the ducks. Not Getz, or Perry, it's Kesler. He will win their MVP this year. Who is a person you compare Sutter to in the NHL, I'm curious on how much better our 27 year old 3rd liner will get, while Sbisa turns into our Shea Weber, Dorsett starts potting 25 goals, and McCann becomes a Selke winner. Dorsett has almost no skill lol. He's not scaring anybody either. 99% of the time, the team that get's the best player wins the trade, and Anahiem won the trade.
  10. Ryan Kesler is a beast.

    This is why i don't even come to these boards anymore. The amount of homerism you are showing is saddening. Clendening was never going to be a top 4 PP QB LOL. At best, wewere hoping for a #5-6 that could man the point on the 2nd unit. Anything more would have been an absolute bonus. He was traded for a 5th rounder to us. He couldn't crack our pathetic defense, along with the Pen's pathetic defence, and then the oilers Pathetic defence. You can't say Sutter is a 20 goal, 40 point player after having 1 season of 20 goals, and never reaching 40 points. Kesler is an elite 2 way player, and is among the top 5 elite 2 way players with Bergeron, Kopitar, Toews, and Datsyuk. Sutter got awarded a contract for having one overachieving season that wasn't even with us. You want to know who got a similar contract? Cody Hodgson. Another one? Micheal Grabner. Sutter should have been given a 1-2 year extention worth 3-3.5mil/year to see what he could provide. The chances of a 27 year old Brandon Sutter showing he has more offense is slim to none, when all he has shown is that he's a defensive center with very low offensive hockey IQ and a good shot. By Sutter's age, Kesler was already a Selke nominee and winner, while having multiple 20+ goal seasons and a 40+ goal season under his belt. He was already an NHL allstar. I love McCann, and who is the player we are hoping he turns out to be? Oh yea, like Ryan Kesler. The same player he models his game after. What are the chances of him becoming that? Pretty slim. He probably tops out as a 25+25 player if most goes right, with the outside chance of becoming elite. McCann is better for us, since we are rebuilding. Sutter is basically here to ease Horvat into the shutdown role, and that's it. If you don't think we would be higher in the standings right now with Kesler rather than McCann and Sutter, then you can keep living in your dream world. Kesler is carrying the ducks on their surge into the playoffs, something Sutter will never do, hence to why he is not a foundational player and isn't a player you build around. He's a supporting piece on a team, not a core player. On mobile so I apologize for spelling errors.
  11. Ryan Kesler is a beast.

    Buddy, without evening using facts. If teams thought Sutter was capable of creating 20 goals and 40 points on his own, he would return a hell of a lot more than Nick Bonino + scrubs. Kesler is a guy you can build with, a real foundational player. Sutter is a last add on a condtending team, like Malhotra was for us in 2011. I don't think you believe he was that good, do you?
  12. Ryan Kesler is a beast.

    20 goals are nice, but he's done it once while playing the easiest minutes on the Pens. Let's be real here, he probably versed the other teams 3rd pairings as Malkin and Crosby had the top 4's against them, while Sutter would easily feed off those lines. He has a very good shot though, just little to no hockey sense in the offensive zone to become a reliable and consistant top 6 player. Good defensive guy with a great release. I like Sutter, but he's just overpaid buy at least 1mil and many, many years on his deal.
  13. Ryan Kesler is a beast.

    Kesler is a top 20-30 center in the league, Sutter is a 3rd liner getting paid like a second liner, who had many of his goals playing with the Sedin's this season, in which his pace was going to go down anyways. EDIT: I just also misread your quote and missed the 3/4 part. Possibly true.
  14. Ryan Kesler is a beast.

    I love all these butthurt fans. He EARNED his no trade clause. He was our most important all around player for a decade, and gave 200% every shift. He doesn't want to stick through a rebuild because he's pushing 30 with a mindset on winning a cup (HIS LIFE GOAL), with a fragile body from the way he plays and knows he most likely won't have much in the tank till his down swing starts. Yet all he get's are thousands of pissy fans that turn on him the moment he does something for himself. There was almost no way the Canucks were going to make a playoff impact while he's still playing for us, so he wants to go to a contender. Now how many teams can take a 5mil/year contract with term left? One up and coming with many ELC's, which definitely doesn't sound like many, and the only reason Anaheim even worked is because they had many young cheap players coming up, while getting our idiot GM to take on Sbisa. Hope he wins the Selke this year, it's between him and Bergeron, who is also having a fantastic season. If Ovi and the caps don't win the cup, I'm hoping the Ducks do.
  15. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    I honestly enjoyed it, but that may have been because I was with my cousins and we were all cracking jokes too. I'd rate it a 7/10.