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  1. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    That was one sloppy sloppy fight. Gina had good hip control on the throws with Cyborg, and even ended up turning a Cyborg flip into a full mount, which was good. How she decided it was best to stand up and give up the full mount is beyond me. It's not like Cyborg used skills to get out of that full mount, no, Gina just decided not to keep control on the mount, then randomly just stood up. That was the turning point of the fight where Gina was concerned. Once they were on their feet I could have sworn I was watching Chuck Lidell fight Tito Ortiz, as Gina covered up her face and offered no retaliation to Cyborg as the fight wore on, letting Cyborg know she could throw at will and not worry about any counters. Gina also looked incredibly gassed after like 2 minutes into the fight. You obviously want to avoid conjecture, but from what she has said, and Randy Couture said, I don't think Gina is getting in as much training as a pro MMA fighter should. No one's cardio should die that quickly into a fight. If anything, this makes the argument for 5 minute female rounds a little bit harder to make, just because both fighters looked gassed early into the fight. Though half of that could have been their sloppy technique, too, who knows. Regardless, the show overall was ok. Werdum fighting Fedor next is a joke to me, though, because Fedor will either knock Werdum the frack out, or grab an easy armbar and tap him out, in under a minute. One submission win does not a contender make, Werdum. Gilbert looked sharp in that fight. It helped that his opponent had NO striking game whatsoever, but Gilbert was good in preventing the take down, you have to give him credit for that. Mousasi looked like a killer in his fight, very Fedor like. Came in looking calm and bored, finished the fight looking calm and bored. I am very very very interested in seeing more of his fights. If he wins 2 more fights like this at LW, the fans will begin to scream for a Machida vs Mousasi fight.
  2. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    After the Kongo fight, I wonder if Cain can stand up to a punch from Brock. His chin was exposed against Kongo as he got rocked every second that fight was on it's feet and I don't think Cain will be able to take down Lesnar as easily as he did Kongo. Now, Lesnar has only been punched a couple of times, really, Randy cut him and Frank landed a couple, so we don't know his chin, but with his huge neck you have to assume he has a solid chin if for no other reason it looks like his face/neck is built to abosrb a lot of shock. That being said, Cain has shown some good standup, and I think his best bet would be to leg kick the crap out of Lesnar, but Lesnar is so quick and is himself a great wrestler, it could very well end up being another fight where Lesnar decides to end the fight whenever he wants on the ground.