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  1. Please don't slate me for this but i don't think the man is a very educated individual,having said that i believe he is like alot of tough people with a rough upbringing who are quite often more honest in times like this than your average well heeled fighters in similar situations.I believe he is one of those honest individuals.
  2. He also clarified what i had said in one of my posts where he claimed the fight should have been allowed to continue because he would attained his second wind and he had trained for a 12 rd fight.
  3. So after making you curious there partner,did i get it somewhat right in your opinion ?
  4. Thanks mate
  5. if i can dig out that photo and somehow put it into my computer i will just to show you there's no bs
  6. It's a pretty surprised but mean look like who the eff are you?But he was my idol back in the day so that is why i did it.
  7. Maybe just maybe after reading my post you are seeing what i was trying to say now you're watching it.
  8. The look on his face in the picture actually shows that.
  9. Yes i was truly surprised on hearing Kellerman's comments he was one of Boxings guru's i had always looked up to for his views.I used to be a frequent visitor years back to Las Vegas watching Hagler,Leonard, Hearns Holmes and Frazier to name some of the bigger names i've seen there,i even have a pic i took by jumping from table to table in front of the ring and tapping Marvin Hagler on the shoulder,he was being interviewed in front of the ring with Sugar Ray in a pre-view leading up to their fight. As a side note i showed up at Donny Lalonde's after fight party and dinner after his fight with Sugar Ray,i walked in was shown to a large round table and ate roast beef dinner served with booze and talked about nothing but the fight,my buddy was too timid to come in because we weren't invited formerly,nobody questioned me, Donny as was expected didn't show but i had a really good night at the fight and the feed after lol.
  10. They didn't actually say what just mentioned his comments and wondered what his possible re-newed comments if any would be.They were kinda making fun of his comments more than anything.
  11. Max Kellermans comments were mentioned on TSN 2 on the after fight presser and what his response would be.
  12. My mistake ok
  13. Knowing how much you seem to like your Boxing i'd say i think you would like the 3 fights before the main event especially the light heavyweight fight where the belt changed hands.
  14. Not sure if you caught both but there was post fight presser on the PPV channel then a different post fight presser on FS 1 / TSN 182 some quite different opinions.
  15. Especially from ALL those illegal hammer blows to the back of the head.