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  1. Yeah you're right,thanks for pointing that out.
  2. If a person really wants to be a hunter,why not go in with the bare neccessities and take their chance with the bear,and if they get mauled let's stop the bull of an army going in to hunt the said animal.As a supposedly intelligent specie we should be able to accept their mauling or death,without going on a vigilante hunt,it should be accepted by family and friends,the chance they were taking and live with it.Absolutley no need for the acceptance of trophy hunting.
  3. Something wrong here !!!! NO !, they don't have to prove they're not guilty,it is on the accuser and prosecution to prove guilt,we,thankfully are still living in the civilized world,where it's still INNOCENT till PROVEN GUILTY !!!!
  4. John Tortorella to coach Team USA at World Cup of Hockey

    The Canadian team did the same thing to their room
  5. Spoke with Shaw cable,the big changes are to happen early 2016,selective programming instead of package programming and prices to drop dramatically..i spoke with them last week.
  6. Obviously you didn't watch him last season,too bad,you would have seen what i'm saying and hoping Kincaid would get a run.
  7. Those statistics mean absolutely squat,obviously you didn't watch too many of his games last season,in which a lot of them he was downright pathetic,unable to save a beach ball on a lot of occasions and the team had no part in quite a lot of his amateurish attempts at saves.If he's your idol fine,he was never a fav of mine because i wasn't looking through the blinders.So i saw him for the backup he is and possibly always will be.
  8. And i'm sure they're sorry they made the offer they did,he still hasn't lived up to his whiny mouth that he wanted to be a #1.His first attempt has proven he is still only fit to be a backup.
  9. Quite the statement to make ,when it's common knowledge Miller isn't fit to tie Lou's boot's. lol !
  10. Have you really been following Schneider this season,he has and is a total wash up to now this season.Although in truth he never was a proven no 1 goalie.
  11. I don't believe they want to access phones other than to prove whether you were using it or not whilst driving or committing any other crminal offence.Possibly if a person refuses to comply at least whilst driving, it could be deemed the same as refusing to give a breath sample-GUILTY !then it would be on the person to prove different.
  12. Britain has had these rules in place for a long while and using your cell phone whilst driving carries same or similar penalties as drunk driving.I have been surprised it hasn't become law here yet, it certainly should be.
  13. Cory hasn't played since last week,he was rested Saturday and so should be fresh with no excuses.Also New Jersey are only 1 point back of Rangers after 21 games for the 3rd and final playoff spot in the Metro div, so not really a bad team.
  14. I am really surprised to see no mention of the fact Cory has been pulled in his last 2 games.Maybe his numbers improving is not happening this season.
  15. While the points are welcome ,let's not go overboard this is the basement dwelling Oilers you know and they're giving us more than a game !