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  1. I'm thinking it was more a case of the disillusioned who voted for a dreaming liar named Horgan. God forbid even in a possible back to the polls vote in a year or so he even gets a sniff as Bc Premier.What a joke it would be especially on his supporters.
  2. Very entertaining and close fight,Jacobs didn't weigh in and came into the fight with a huge weight advantage.The IBF belt i believe it was,was therefore not on the line. The knock down in the early rounds i think rd 4 may have swayed the fight.Definitely on Harold Lettermans card although 2 of the judges gave it by a few rds to GGG.I think Jacobs corner failed in not telling him the fight hinged on rd 12 as he was under the impression he was winning the fight.GGG came out to win rd 12 and did,so even if Lettermans card was more accurate he didn't leave it to the judges. The fight prior to the main event was also really exciting with the WBC belt changing hands as Chocolatito losing his 46-0 unbeaten record in another 12 rd decision.The challenger also had a point taken away for a headbutt although i think is was unintentional.
  3. On a side note,not sure if you saw the fights last night and the post game analysis,but Brian Stann when talking about the main event being tactical as opposed to boring went on to mention Anderson Silva has had a few snoozers and St pierre during his career has produced his share of boring fights.So i guess better analysts than me think the same of George.No biggie just thought it was an interesting statement.
  4. Don't think it will happen but it could be written into the contract, that should he win he has to defend the belt x number of times, or forfeit the prize money from the Bisping fight. On the other side of the coin Bisping is wanting to line up his fight with Romero soon after he is victorious over Gsp,should that be the case.
  5. It isn't actually a post so much blaming the fighters as a fan of the sport showing his frustration at what is being organized,which in effect is directed at the UFC Obviously it's money talking on the UFC's part.
  6. I'm not as some may perceive a St Pierre hater, just for the record he undoubtedly was the best in his division 4Years ago,not my cup of tea in his style but never the less the best. But ! , i think it's a real slap in the face for the fighters who have trained hard and fought over the last 4 years,thinking they were doing it to be next in line for a shot at the title.
  7. Well some said it's not like a mirrored Rousey comeback but it's identical another once great fighter after a 4 year hiatus somehow gets a comeback fight against a Champion(Bisping) no less and actually for his belt to boot.Here's hoping he gets far more than Hendricks did to him in his last fight,he like Rousey should have been made to earn the title fight.Then again perhaps it's better to fight a Champion and be beaten than a wanabe and be beaten which is probably the way Dana and George see it. Someone has it right when they listed this forum UFC/MMA,they should have added WWE,to show the joke it is becoming.UFC/MMA/WWE
  8. Actually GSP is one of the most boring of fighter's with his ground game,he was totally destroyed by Hendricks his only big stand up opponent and he failed miserably except for the pathetic judges score,often wondered who paid them for that result.Because someone certainly paid for that fixed and wrong result. Mental toughness and desire correct,but as i said he was as above a boring fighter most of the time and inadequate when needed against Hendricks.
  9. We all have our opinion's that's what forum's are about,and i have to say i'd take him back anyday over the inadequate loser we have in charge,irelevant who the coach of Van is there are still player's who should have been moved on long ago.Until this happens Van will remain where they belong,near the bottom.
  10. Believe it could be another mirrored return like Rhonda Rousey
  11. Thought he was in total command first round and won it easily,but he came out the second round with exactly the same game and very cocky.It should have been obvious to him and his corner if this guy tags him he could well be in trouble.Unfortunately that's what happened, the ref was really crap in the stoppage he allowed Browne to take far to many blow's after when it should have been stopped. On a side note Johnney Hendricks debut as a middleweight was pretty good and a win against good opposition.
  12. In that game just before Tort's disciplined him he was actually playing badly,so it was deserved as i recall.To me coaches such as Tort's taking the time to tear a strip off any player would tell me that Tort's actually cares about how the player is playing. Let's face it Tort's was 100% correct about the lame Canucks and stale core when he was here.It's just no-one could handle the truth back then,and look at how they've improved since he was replaced.
  13. The ref should be on the carpet for this one.
  14. Mistake somehow my response came out wrong,lol