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  1. You remember me I'm touched. It was good times playing the first 20-30 games of mafia. No time anymore though. I do think about it when i occasionally come on cdc though.
  2. Unbelievable. One of, if not the most entertaining periods of hockey i have ever seen.
  3. Cool. Sounds like it's not a big deal to wear it. Thanks everybody.
  4. So you had a Vrbata Jersey and now you have a Leivo Jersey? Anybody else wear the 17?
  5. I got mine right before the Olympics. Got a Luongo team Canada Jersey at the same time.
  6. If I had the spare $$ i had in 2010 I'd probably have a Horvat Jersey to wear too haha.
  7. That's what i figured. I don't mind that.
  8. Oh i don't care what they THINK. I just care if they'll actually DO something.
  9. Hey guys. My finance and I have tickets to the Canucks - Ducks game next Tuesday. I want to wear my (Canucks) Kesler Jersey, but i know a lot of fans hate him now. I'm just wondering if I'm gonna get beer dumped on me or food thrown at me or anything. It's not a playoff game so i don't think people would be that crazy, but i thought I'd ask you guys.
  10. switched to the full version of cdc, can't figure out how to switch back to mobile version.

    1. brilac


      Change Theme (located at the bottom left) > IP. Board Mobile

    2. StealthNuck


      Bottom left, change theme, mobile.

    3. edler rocks

      edler rocks

      Ahh, thanks guys.

  11. filmed some silent library vids with friends today. anybody ever seen any of those?

    1. Alex the Great

      Alex the Great

      That show is friggin hilarious!

    2. Mattias Ohlund.2

      Mattias Ohlund.2

      Yep. Looks extremely painful but its so funny. The eating "challenges" are the worst.

  12. just watched inception for the first time. gotta say, it lived up to the hype.

    1. swedishdomination



  13. defensemen are getting way over payed.

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    2. EmployeeoftheMonth


      The thing is for teams to be really competitive they need like 8 D who could play in the NHL. Shallow talent pools makes quality guys more expensive.

    3. Ṣpiderman
    4. edler rocks

      edler rocks

      @:D, $10.25. @spiderman, thank you, i thought it looked funny.