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  1. I feel like a bad hockey fan. I had to look him up to see where he came from. For 2.5 he better be a capable back up until the prospects are ready to move up.
  2. Right handed shot for the pp, that's worth his salary right there. I can actually see him being a good fit with us. But maybe that's just my Canucks homerism/optimism showing lol.
  3. I loved him with the Rangers so I'm pretty stoked about this. I know he kinda fell off his game with the Flyers but I'm hoping he can find it back with us.
  4. [GDT] 2017 NHL Awards and NHL Expansion Draft

    Watching it on pvr now. Can't believe Gaudreau won the lady Bing. Whining and sportsmanship are not the same thing. A few big surprises for Vegas too. Definitely should have taken Mrazek instead of Pickard. Also, how about Holtby's wife eh?
  5. Surprisingly I found myself cheering for the pens in this series, but this Nashville crowd is winning me over. They're amazing.
  6. https://youtu.be/LBLbVUPOoh8 Luongo calls penalty, ducks score.
  7. Gee thanks for reminding us of that...
  8. Beautiful save by Vatanen!!
  9. Not sure why the anyone was upset about the goalie interference/2nd no goal. That was pretty blatant.
  10. It's just like we called it in the ducks-Oilers series. Even though the sens are the only Canadian team left, CBC basically ignores them. Hughson and Simpson aren't giving them anywhere near the attention they gave the Oilers. I'm not complaining though, this is how it should be, neutral.
  11. For some strange reason, I like Phaneuf a lot more now that he's not a flame or leaf. Lol I think it's also good for him that he doesn't have to be the no.1 D.
  12. Is Phil Kessel an only child? He definitely seems like one.