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  1. Really excited for the Sutter Skillie Goldobin line.
  2. "he's grown a little bit since then" lol
  3. Does Reid Boucher remind anyone else of Kyle Wellwood? His face I mean, not playing style.
  4. ;)
  5. I don't like these BJs.
  6. oh ok. Thanks.
  7. So I'm looking in my progress reports in be a GM mode and there's something I don't understand. Maybe someone can help me out. In the "attributes modified" column the Numbers are coloured, green, yellow, or gray. I can't figure out the yellow numbers. seems like they can be either negative or positive. For example, Nicklas Jensen has a yellow 3. When I go to his player info I see he has 3 status positively modified. Niklas Backstrom has a yellow 1. He has 1 negatively modified stat. It's not important at all ( I don't think?) But it bugs me cause there's colours and I don't understand why.
  8. Anybody know why Cracknell isn't in for Prust? They just wanna give Gaunce a chance or is Cracknell hurt?
  9. I like the adjusted last minute line
  10. ooohhh. Still a strange comment but at least I know what he means. Lol
  11. "Wonderbugging" did he just say that out did I hear wrong?
  12. Communication between the d there would be good.
  13. Barttowski not looking too good IMO.