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  1. Not sure why the anyone was upset about the goalie interference/2nd no goal. That was pretty blatant.
  2. It's just like we called it in the ducks-Oilers series. Even though the sens are the only Canadian team left, CBC basically ignores them. Hughson and Simpson aren't giving them anywhere near the attention they gave the Oilers. I'm not complaining though, this is how it should be, neutral.
  3. For some strange reason, I like Phaneuf a lot more now that he's not a flame or leaf. Lol I think it's also good for him that he doesn't have to be the no.1 D.
  4. Is Phil Kessel an only child? He definitely seems like one.
  5. What is a traumady?
  6. I know people who've had drinking problems that now drink the nonalcoholic stuff.
  7. Every time I hear Dzingel's name, I hear Sheldon say "Dzingel punk!" In my head.
  8. Silfverberg is so good, I just can't see the ducks letting him go in expansion. After watching the ducks a lot lately, I feel slightly educated on their team and if I was them I'd let Vatanen go.
  9. Singer looked nervous eh? Her sleeve was shaking the while time. Edit, you're right though, she is really good.
  10. Would have been happier with ducks-Blues. Sens-caps, but I'm fine with the series we have now. I'll all I want now is good hockey. Aaand maybe Ottawa in the finals.
  11. Nice, Lindholm levels Kassian trying to be fancy.
  12. Oh Wagner! That would have been beautiful.
  13. Haha I love it when they show Kesler shadowing McD. And Richieee!! Woooo!
  14. No, just impartiality. I'd even be ok with just a slight bias towards the Canadian team, but this is ridiculous.