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  1. So... you're finally 18?

  2. How I Met Your Mother

    Just watched tonight's ep. Love where Barney's storyline is going!
  3. Pretty close to it! Been almost all my free time at work lately.How are you doing twin?

  4. I thought you fell off the edge of the world or something

  5. Yeah I'm pretty excited.....but too bad I have to work that night <_<

  6. Heyy... yeah it has been a while I guess. How are you?? Stoked for the regular season in a few days?

  7. Hey! Long time no talk eh?

  8. How I Met Your Mother

    If only Neil Patrick Harris wasn't gay......
  9. OMG Earthquake?

    I was at Killarney all day and didn't feel a thing. I didn't know about the earthquake until about an hour ago.
  10. Hello there how's it going.How's your summer been.the weather hasn't been all that great this summer so far hopefully it gets better.:)And happy Belated Birthday.:)

  11. Hmmm... I don't think I actually wished you a happy birthday, on the actual date... :o

    So very sorry :( ...

    Anyways... Happy Belated Birthday!!! Here's hoping you had a good one :)

    Again, sorry... :P

  12. What do you mean there's nothing to do?!?! The clubs must be awesome!!..

    Only 2 articles?! What is wrong with you?! You sick?! Get back out there and buy like another 100 articles!! >:o

    I hear ya :P. Sleep is incredibly awesome.

    You're going to school while you're in Quebec?!... You truly are Asian... >.>