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  1. Mobile
  2. Yup that about sums it up
  3. You do know the old guy from the Cartel in the old age home from last season who Walt used to lure Gus to kill him, is the same guy from Scarface (the bomber/fixer guy)
  4. I agree with this. But just because he wrote confirmed that doesnt mean he is going to sign the contract. All he claimed was that they offered a contract. And watch, if he doesn't sign, all the CDC spazes are gonna use that to say he's full of bs when in reality, he may have been right. But if he does sign for that amount, he should r considered "valid".
  5. Probably beauase about only 3% of trades discussed by gm's actually go through.
  6. Saul sends the 2 guys to Ted's place to write a cheque to the IRS and once he did,he tried to run away and slipped and broke his neck
  7. Hello....remember me? Check your inbox :)

  8. The only people who say that are people with small sticks.
  9. took the day off, 420, listening to Led Zeppelin. I'm at one with myself right about now :)

  10. so are you going to cheer for SJ now?

  11. Just visiting random profiles. :)

  12. Hey. U might know me. i was "crazycanuck2009" before

  13. Thanks for the profile view. :)