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  1. Canucks Recall Ashton Sautner under Emergency Conditions

    ^^^^^Maybe he playing better than them at this point....
  2. Provincial Election Thread

    If this is the case, please vote for the Liberals Candidate in your riding.....thanks!!
  3. The glass is half full

    To continue with the "glass is half-full" metaphor, let's also remember that with Edler and Tanev both in the line-up, the Canucks are now 7-2-1. If that kind of winning percentage continues with these defencemen in the line-up, there is NO WAY TL and JB are going to trade these asests.
  4. Zsa Zsa Gabor Dead at 99

    To explain to my kid who she was, I described her as "The first Kardasian". She got it.
  5. Top 5 most hated Canucks of all time

    1) Messier 2) Messier (Because it was just that bad) 3) Kesler 4) Bill LaForge 5) Mike Keenan
  6. Earth sciences or biology?

    I teach at a high school. Learn what your passionate about. The reality is you will teach all of the sciences and other things you HAVEN'T been trained when you become a teacher. Unlike others have suggested, get the degree first!! You never know what can happen to change your mind. And as for aspiring to be a Principal, just like teaching, you got to go into it for the right reasons and you have to really, really like kids....good luck!!
  7. Lu tweet thread

    ^^^This !
  8. Mike Gillis Should Stay

    Gillies' worst "move" does not involve specific trades, FA signings or hiring snafus. It involves not necessarily learning from Pat Quinn's mistake in the mid-90's and building a team based on the promises the NHL made in how they were going to change the game. In the Mid-'90's following the Stanley Cup appearance against the Rangers, Quinn went for a more smaller, skllled team because the NHL promised it wanted to get rid of "The Trap" and deal with the growing problem of obstruction in the neutral zone. Regrettably, the opposite effect happened where New Jersey rose to a dominate team in the playoffs with that style of play. Gillies made the same assumption. He took the league at its word that they would maintain the game to be officiated the same way in the playoffs as it would be in the regular season. Granted, our power play came up lame in the Cup final in 2011 but the same promise calling all infractions by the league was made in 2012. However, since that time, the officiating has obvious become "hands off" during that second season and, as a result, the Canucks could not compete with the larger teams that could get away with more physical play. This point was observed and made clear by many media outlets (TSN, CBC, SportNet, etc.) when witnessing this style of play. Since this time, Gillies has tried to play catch-up to re-tool/re-build/re-model this team on the fly to compete while still being competitive. That has been his big mistake, but it's a mistake not because of his abilities, but due to taking the word of the league that it would take the game to a certain direction and not following through all the way.
  9. Mike Gillis Should Stay

    You weren't around when we traded away Cam Neely were you?
  10. GDT March 17th Canucks vs Tampa Bay Lightning 4:30 PM

    I agree but I think Torts and management are going to ride Lack like a sideshow pony until we're mathematically out or in the playoffs. Other articles from Botchford (take it as you will) suggests Melanson believes Markstorm needs work in his game before being placed out there.
  11. (Rumour) torts almost removed updated botch

    ^^^Very true debluvcanucks. What is needed is patience. Some of you will scoff at that suggestion saying the management has been too patient. I suggest we've had many things work against this club the last couple of years (Injuries, cap circumvention rules, etc.) As what's been stated previously, will the comments die down if this team started winning and scoring again? Some of you say it won't because this core can't compete anymore. Look at Chicago immediately following their first Stanley Cup win. A lot of people were suggesting THAT core needed to be blown up following a poor hangover season despite how young they were. Granted, our core is older but the same method is needed. Patience, evaluate and give them time to adapt to a season of working a very new system. As for GM MG, he was voted best GM by his peers three years ago. I don't think he's suddenly become an idiot. An abrasive, conceited public persona, probably. He too deserves time to work with why he has. Next year will be the true tell-tale situation. I cannot see as many player injuries to key personnel and I can't see as many key players going through such unspeakable scoring slums. The answer is not to make drastic organizational moves and go to a youth movement in the system that's simply not ready for NHL primetime.
  12. This proposal is simply not true. I don't buy it. GM MG would not make this move.
  13. [PGT]Another Loss

    I'm convince Daniel is injured. It will be announced at season end when he has surgery. I believe it is his left shoulder.
  14. Gillis on Team 1040 February 6

    I haven't drunk the Kool-aid but there's been a rash of bad luck, injuries and losing Torts has made a difference with this team. There is no doubt in my mind that Daniel has been injured for some time. I think he has a torn labrum similar to what Kesler had a couple of seasons ago. Certainly that shot he took on the breakaway in Boston cemented that for me. In December, this team was 10-1-2 and the boards were praising everyone connected with this team...Let's see what happens with a two week layoff for most of the players and getting some of our key defensive personnel and Henrick back.
  15. Now, hopefully, the Liberals will be shamed enough to do something about this besides appealing it to the next level.