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  1. Top 5 Cities In US With The Most Abandoned Homes

    No surprises really accept I thought Cleavland would be there and was surprised Portland was number 2.
  2. Kesler already working hard for the Ducks!

    Really? The Selanne Commercials were much better than that!
  3. What Doug Wilson said

    Once again, see this from the eyes of a STH (Season Ticket Holder). Tanking is NOT an option. When you pay that much money to see this team, or any professional team, live, you want the best results you can muster. If it means Bo Horvat stays another year in Junior because he's NOT ready for the show, so be it. I don't want to see any player on the Canucks not ready to be successful at the NHL level. It's bad financial and asset management. Bringing in somebody not ready yet burning off a year or two of his entry-level contract will not serve any fan of the team in the short or long term.
  4. I teach young people. Teacher's Code of Ethics is CRYSTAL CLEAR on this matter in most western democracies. She has violated that code. There is no indication of what sort of "grooming" took place before the end of school by the teacher in connection with these students. It is criminal behaviour. She's in a position of trust and influence, therefore the expectation of her in her professional and private life is and should be increased. Surely there are young adult males a little over 18 that have NOT been her students that she could have connected with? Poor choice on the part of the teacher. It has deservingly finished her career.
  5. Solid Broadcaster for many years. The 26 yers was just at CKNW. He was working in radio in Prince Rupert in the 1960's. He also worked as a TV News anchor for CBC BC in the 1980's & '90's. So, he's been going at it for over/almost 50 years.
  6. I do agree with OP insofar as Winnipeg seems to be a natural spot for Markstrom. Packaging Hanson also works and lowers the cap hit as we have more than enough third/fourth line players. What we need is a 2nd line winger. Kane, Ladd or Wheeler would do the trick. Of the three, I would prefer Kane---high risk but unquestionably high reward if it works out.
  7. Hansen's wife is from Winnipeg and that's where his family spends the off-season. He would waive to go there.
  8. [Signing] Canucks sign Radim Vrbata

    Smart signing. We probably had to overpay to get him here with money and term because I would imagine he was many team's "Plan B" signing.
  9. Markstrom- Whats going to happen with him?

    It's all about depth. Let Markstrom, Lack and Ericksson battle it out for the back-up job and then look at a trade when the season is going to start. Seeing how GM JB has started his tenure in respect to trading, methinks he won't hesitate to strike a deal if one is close to being there oppose to sitting and letting things feaster like the previous regime.
  10. Dan Bylsma at a Cactus Club

  11. ^^^^ This is bang on! One must consider the season ticket base. You want to be as competitive as you can. As said previous, once you are in the playoffs, many things can happen and some of those things are not the obvious.
  12. Comets Highly Unlikely to Move to Abbotsford

    The big thing I noticed is that, in the article, Gilman had in his responsibilities "Head of Amateur Scouting". Was/is this true and will that change now that GM JB is on board considering what's been said widely about his ability to find talent?
  13. Very clear the Eastern Conference final is fixed

    If the playoffs are truly rigged, Boston would be in the semi's right now oppose to Montreal. Just sayin'.
  14. Bylsma should get at least an interview if he's cut loose. Shero I'm not as sure on.
  15. How long for the Canucks to rebuild and be a contender again?

    Next year. So many current players had very poor years. Can those same players still be just a bad next year? The odds, I don't think, support it.