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  1. i got this from pitseleh on HF boards. i think it originally came from Per on canucks central:
  2. 8-7 loss last night in the third intra-squad game. schroeder had 1 goal, 3 assists for a total of 2 goals, 6 assists in 3 games. both goals came shorthanded. here is a video with an interview and some footage from the scrimmages: (thanks to pitseleh from HF Boards for posting this).
  3. bergeron is only 2 years removed from back to back 70+ point seasons. he is only 23 and as bad as his contract might be (4.75 is not THAT bad) it only has 2 years left on it. if i'm a team with cap space to spare (la? atl? nyi? phx?) i'll gladly take him at a discount. it's a low risk move with potential for huge rewards.
  4. schroeder's numbers this year: 35 GP: 13 G 32 A 45 P (1.29 P/G) some others to compare (all draft year): kessel: 39 GP 51 P (1.31 P/G) toews: 42 GP 39 P (0.93 P/G) wilson: 37 GP 35 P (0.95 P/G) stastny: 40 GP 42 P (1.05 P/G) okposo: 40 GP 40 P (1.00 P/G) <--- year after draft looks very promising. can't believe he fell to us.