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  1. A 185 pound GSP vs. a 220 pound Anderson Silva would not be a good fight for GSP.
  2. GSP looked RIPPED. BJ didn't look nearly as tubby as I thought he would either.
  3. Your mom.
  4. My lady lost.
  5. There should be a tag for sarcasm, shouldn't there?
  6. Uh, the dude's comment about Silva was sarcastic...
  7. I'm wavering whether or not to order Affliction. I really want to see pretty much all of those fights but at 55 bucks I just don't know. Sigh.
  8. Thank you for those videos. Fedor will never lose. I am ordering the fight on Saturday for sure now.
  9. Pete Sampras was the king, I loved that guy. Now I don't really follow a specific male competitor but as for the female side, just look at my sig. She's my favourite.
  10. Affliction next week is 50 bones. Too pricey in my opinion but goddamn if I don't really want to see Arlovski/Fedor.
  11. I thought it was a good show, I enjoyed it. But Shogun/Coleman getting fight of the night? Are you kidding? Maybe Coleman's having trouble feeding his kids and Dana's giving him a hand.
  12. Um, Katy Perry sings I Kissed A Girl.
  13. Is Flo-Rida from Florida? Because if so that's a crazy clever name.
  14. I love Dan Henderson.