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  1. Sutter can't catch a break. He proved the haters wrong that were saying he was useless trade bait. He's always added value to this team and it's showing big time now. It'll never happen but I'd like to see Horvat center Petey and Boes with Miller sliding in at 2C. Gives us 2 capable face off options and Gaudette take Sutter's spot.
  2. Marky, I feel your pain and applaud the dedication you have shown this team. Condolences to your family and I hope you can find peace during this difficult time. F@*#Cancer.
  3. I do not feel bad for them one bit. Love witnessing their downfall.
  4. PANIC!!! Jk everyone, we know this team has come back ability. All the sweeter to beat these bum hawks!
  5. Still want to see Boeser and Petey switch spots on the pp. How do you not want to set up your 2 biggest guns?
  6. Awww man. Slept in and am late to the party. Good to see the boys off to a great start. How has their play been? Lucky or playing well?