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  1. Great to hear they will minimize travel as much as possible. An unexpected benefit for the Canucks that can only help with our injury woes. Happy that we can talk about hockey again. Hope everyone stays safe and we can all enjoy a Cinderella run from the boys!!
  2. Canucks hockey news is way better then Covid news. I miss hockey news.
  3. Thanks for the story as this one hits close to home. If you can, next time offer her a ride. Not that you need a reward for doing a good deed but I bet you'll get an extremely good dinner or two out of it. In these times, we all should remember the humanity in all of us. Not what we can do for ourselves but what we can do to help others. In saying that, I'd like to thank everyone on these boards for their perspectives and participation in these discussions. I've learned a lot about hockey (and other things) the 10+ years I've been here. Even though I don't agree with everyone, I want to try and understand everyone's perspective. If we can all come to accept our differences and embrace them we don't need to fight but can still have great discussions while learning and improving along the way. Keep an open mind, we can get through this together.
  4. Sign me up Sgt. Gonna war the crap outta my couch!
  5. Haven't seen it posted yet. Apologies if it has already.
  6. While I understand the facts of mortality rates of the flu vs covid19, what isn't being talked about is the speed of which it is spreading vs the regular flu. This is spreading faster than the ordinary flu and since it's spreading quickly that will inevitably bring up the mortality rate. Again, I don't see the harm in being safer than sorry and I agree that this doesn't mean panic. Just like washing your hands, wearing masks and "not letting other people cough on you" (which ultimately you can't control) these are precautions.
  7. I don't understand why people are upset that the government is taking precautions. Is it not better to be safe than sorry? What if they just played it off as the flu and the spread becomes unmanageable because now there's a shortage of medical supplies and healthcare workers leading to deaths that were preventable. We'd be pissed af that they didn't do more precautionary measures. My parent's are in their 60's and in the "vulnerable" age group. They better be taking precautions cause no way in hell I'd be happy knowing my parents got it due to the lack of urgency from the government.
  8. I dont believe there's any truth to it. I did a quick google search and though he has not been re-signed he has been with the Canucks since 2008 and no one was talking about how awesome he was during the MG regime (I did not know he's been with us that long). I think it's safe to say he became the "scout guru" he is now due to the guidance of JB and has moved up the chain since. Hopefully that means he has loyalty to our club, this management team and would like to stick around to watch his work come to fruition. Speaking of which, Aidan McDonough looks to be another college gem unearthed by the scouting team. Power forward mold sitting at just below PPG in his freshman year. Currently at 11G 16A 27PTS in 31GP
  9. I was definitely on the fence about Wisebrod when they brought him in. His track record in Calgary was not that impressive but if you dig deeper on him, he's a smart guy. He understands sports/athletes which you can see by his time with the NBA's Orlando Magic. He was absolutely stoked about getting Hughes (the picture of him on stage at the draft is hilarious) and the teamwork him and both JB's have is working better beyond what we could've hoped for. So at this time, if it ain't broke why fix it?
  10. This is absolutely true. But we also got to give credit to Benning as it was he and Bracket that gave the direction. IIRC there was a video of the scouts meeting early on in his tenure where they were discussing definitions (soft, hard to play against, etc.) and what to look for in players and Benning was the one guiding the conversation.
  11. I will once again administer myself to the roller coaster of emotions, aka Canucks March Mountain. Because we're supposed to lose, Canucks will win. 5-3 Canucks cause we only win when we score 5 goals.