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  1. Agree completely. What's often overlooked is the entire depth of the organization that he has built up. Every year the talent in the prospect pool goes up and the depth gets larger. Gone are the days of praying guys like Friesen, Grenier, Jensen, Sauve, McNally, Corrado etc. turn into any sort of NHL caliber player. Man it was tough following prospects then and now it seems like there's too many to keep up with. The team has depth in all positions and the only nitpick is we could up the main club's talent on defense but that could also be solved internally (Juolevi, Tryamkin, Rafferty). So where do we look now to keep the team trending upwards? Making sure we have enough cap space to keep the core intact and give them the proper supporting cast. Again, all things that look like they can solve internally. How's the outlook of this team ever looked this good? IMO the biggest concern is extending JB so that he can continue to build this organization to what is hopefully our first Stanley Cup and then maybe, just maybe, the most dominant team of this decade.
  2. Where have you been, bud? Always enjoy reading your posts. Hope you're back to posting more regularly. Cheers.
  3. That was the worse puck luck we've had in a game in years. All this talk about lack of hits but I felt the team played well after the overturned 2nd goal. They were looking for goals and didn't need hits to change momentum as I felt they had most of it. Hughes had a bit of a tough game. They pushed hard and didn't give up even after the 3rd goal. Chalk another one up to growing pains and move on. We're still in the mix. Happy to get all the bad luck out of the way now. Hopefully we can stay healthy and get hot to secure a playoff spot and going into the playoffs.
  4. More curiosity then trying to make a point. I don't think he'll be a top 2 defender but even though he's a 24 y/o rookie he's showing he has potential to be a top 4 D.
  5. Honest question, (not trying to knock your post) how many of these players were first year pros?
  6. Totally agree. You can see how efficient he is in net now but still has the athleticism to stop pucks any way possible. And I can't say this enough, love the 2 pad stack!!!
  7. So now we're complaining that Marky steals too many games?! Does nobody remember the WCE days when we WISHED Cloutier could steal us games like Markstrom does now. I'm more then happy to see Markstrom steal games and get us into the playoffs. Heck if we get into the playoffs he could Thomas/Binnington us all the way through. But I guess complainers need something to complain about.
  8. Great user name and awesome first post! Welcome to CDC!
  9. Love that I mentioned it in the last PGT and here it is tonight. Marky the WALL!!!
  10. Wanted to circle back on Markstrom as even though he didn't have as strong a game last night he made huge saves when he had to. He has solidified himself as a #1 in my eyes. Filtering goalies who have played 25+ games this season and sorting by save%, Marky comes in at #7. Has the 3rd most shots against in the top 10 and is ahead of names like Binnington, Andersen, Fleury, Price and Holtby. Plus, I love how awesome he is at stacking the pads a la Kirk McLean. If we could find a solid veteran backup while DiPietro develops, we could move Demko in a package for what hopefully would be a young RD.
  11. Took Trotz 20 seasons before he won a cup and now seems like he can do no wrong. Also, not worried about Bo bring mentored by the Sedins. In the twins congratulatory video the mentioned for Bo to not change his style and his style is more Linden than Hank. (Hank has never dropped the gloves) You know what, I seem to remember that too with Glass. And you make a fair point about learning tricks sooner, maybe someone in an advisor roll to the coaching staff?
  12. IIRC AV held guys from fights more often then sent them out to fight. I remember him physically holding (I think Hordichuk?) at the bench when things got heated one game. When he coached the Rangers, there was a game we played them where things got chippy and he could of escalated but he told his guys to calm down and let cooler heads prevail. AV was once a rookie coach with us. He played a boring defensive style until Gillis came in, wanted to play an up-tempo puck possession game and gave AV a chance to adjust. Very similar to Greens progression currently (AV coached our farm team in Manitoba just like Green in Utica) and I think Green is becoming a bit of a hybrid between Torts and AV. Just like players, coaches need development too. The players like Green, have bought into his system and he's showing growth as a coach. The way he handles the media is a huge bonus. I'm happy to see where he takes us the next couple seasons.