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  1. Bring back Don Taylor and the Post-Game show!! Bo knows.
  2. Can I join and just listen to the music? Never been a big underground mixtape guy but love music!
  3. Came in here to post the same idea. We know Gillis has tried to trade up to pick potential #1 dmen. eg. trying to trade up and draft Hedman, as well as trying to trade up to draft Griffin Reinhart. With a higher pick this year I can see him trying to acquire or swap picks with Edmonton to draft Ekblad as it's safe to assume Buffalo will draft Sam Reinhart. The question is what would it take to acquire that pick. I would put in proposals but I'm no expert, but I'd be interested to see what some of you guys would think it would take.
  4. Don't know what impressed me more on that setup play of his. The back check where he lifts the stick then kicks the puck up for him to skate onto, the surprising speed wide to blow by the defender, or that beauty pass last second for the tap in. The entire play is just awesome, I'm excited to follow his progress this year! Thanks for the highlights guys!
  5. All caught up eh PS?
  6. No problem PS! Love the Darryl avatar btw Anyone else been disappointed with the last few episodes? Been pretty boring though if Morgan does come back next episode that'll be interesting. My gf and I have always wondered what happened to him.
  7. I've watched all 4 and would have to say that Breaking Bad is my favorite. It's so intense, and quite an intelligent show with how Walt (the main character) try's to out smart all the drug lords and come out on top. Son's of Anarchy is more of a badass show with gang wars and such. Can be a bit slow, but same can be said for Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Though Game of Thrones has all that mystical dragons and stuff which is cool. All in all Breaking Bad is the best for me, and the others seem to be all on the same level. But that just my 2 cents, hope this helps! And to add some substance to this post. Where do you guys think Tyrese and his group are hiding? This has kinda been bugging me since they haven't shed any light on it since Rick went psycho on them, and we all agree that they'll come back into the show somehow. It'll be fun to see who takes charge of the group, Tyrese, Darryl, or if Rick can get his stuff together and lead them against the Governor.
  8. Wow, exactly how I feel about the Canucks' future. The only difference being that we don't have a Doughty type on the back end, though you never know who could emerge as an elite talent and who will flop. Here's hoping!
  9. I vote for 76. Just looks sick on a jersey IMO.
  10. So how do you guys think this season plays out? From the intro of the episode and how Walt went about his business leads me to believe he's going to have a "say hello to my little friend" moment, a la Scar face.