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  1. I remember when they opened up a bunch of positions that they "accidentally" gave the wrong address to the public for applications and only a select few were given the correct address.
  2. Or there is a large disparity in the offer and counter offer and Winterpeg is waiting for a more reasonable number and term.
  3. Benning has slowly but surely been building a solid team. We are just coming into our window and Benning definitely deserves the right to complete the job. Thankfully Aquilini wasn't swayed by the incessant whining of the vocal minority. Go Canucks Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Well, one wasn't enough. Had to listen to their earlier stuff too.
  5. "founder of Alveda King Ministries." is probably the tell in this case. You're ignoring the religious zealot portion of his fanbase.
  6. I even bolded the portion that you misrepresented and you still couldn't figure it out. Once again, not surprising though.
  7. "I don't think it is as bad as many are portraying it to be." You totally misrepresented what I stated and it wasn't even translated from Swedish. Not surprising though.
  8. This is the pertinent part of the interview. The rest of the interview is about his family, the Sedins retiring, and Pettersson. It seems like many fans have only heard the media's slant on it. I don't think it is as bad as many are portraying it to be. "Loui Eriksson left Boston three seasons ago. During his three seasons there he never scored less than 37 points per season. His new address became Vancouver. There, his production hasn't been as high. At best, he's scored 29 points, which happened this past season. It should also be noted that he's been plagued by injury and missed a few games. - Of course Vancouver is a cool city to play in. Canada is known to like hockey and there are a lot of fans there, watching, men playing-wise it's been tough for me to come there, Loui Eriksson tells in an interview in Globen, right next to Nynäsvägen in Stockholm. The Lerum-raised forward continues on with a smile: - I haven't been able to really find a role there, but it is, like I said, a pretty nice town to play in. Especially if the weather is nice, then it's an awesome town, but it rains quite a lot too. Hasn't found a role It's been a transition for him, moving from Boston to Vancouver. - Yeah, it has been. As I said I haven't really found a role on the team. Primarily the last two seasons out of the three I've been there. I haven't really found my game, and in that way it's been tough. Why's that? - I don't know.... The last two seasons I've played less and in a defensive role. I can't score as many points as I did before, when I'm not playing in the roles I did before. In that way, you can't really make comparisons, but I'll have to do my best and keep at it. - It's still fun to play, even if it's disappointing to not make the playoffs. Scratched for a game Loui Eriksson posted eleven goals and a total of 29 points on 81 games this past season. He was also scratched for a game by coach Travis Green. - As I said, I've played a defensive role all season and I haven't had that much time on ice. Of course that's unfortunate [or "sad", "displeasing"]. - At the same time, there's not much I can do about it but to keep at it. At least my body feels good. Has this season been a disappointment to you? - Eh, I don't know. I was scratched for one game towards the end of the season. Me and the coach aren't fully on the same page [this is the "not a hundred" quote] and it's hard when I'm not shown the same level of confidence as all other coaches have shown during my career. Of course things are rough on that front. - The only option for me is to keep at it. I feel like I'm still a good player in the league."
  9. Okay. I guess we shouldn't just accept things as reported or portrayed. Still the picture itself seems like more evidence that Trump's rhetoric is emboldening the lunatic fringe.
  10. Not only that, but within that "scolding" is the coach letting the player know the expectations and where the player is falling short. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he should have listened to what the coach was conveying and applied that to his game. They're not trying to pad popular players stats. They're trying to get players to the point that they have a solid complete game so they are ready if they get a callup. It seems like many use offensive stats to pass judgement on how a player is developing.
  11. It was sarcasm. I think it was Deb that already showed Swedish coaches yelling/screaming/shrieking. I'm basically saying that you are grasping at straws to defend a player that does not seem to have the fortitude to battle through adversity,