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  1. Yes it was. From a jd burke style stat watcher maybe not, but from a fan who cheered them on it was. Vancouver only had 77 points, so they weren't obvious favorites to go to the Cup. After the first round the teams they beat were good enough to advance, so they weren't as bad as you make them out to be. There were no loser points back then and the refs didn't game manage to create the illusion of parity. What really made it epic though was the atmosphere that was created. It was electric and the fans who were cheering back then remember it well.
  2. I just logged on to up-vote these posts. I too was a huge fan of big Harold. He's my all time favorite. It was right on the stick to Bossy. Of all the Islanders, he was the last guy you wanted to gift an open chance like that. Still, that was an epic run.
  3. They won that in the first with energy from the Burrows ceremony. Roussel with the goal on his first shift back. Demko rock solid. A very satisfying night. Alex Burrows! Alex Burrows! Alex Burrows! Alex Burrows! Alex Burrows! Alex Burrows!
  4. Actually, you can tell with that pick that Benning was looking way further ahead than the fans. He was supposed to be the eventual replacement for Edler. Definitely no instant gratification with him. He has suffered setbacks but is young enough that he still could be a solid piece for us. Our forward group is coming together and we have more in the pipeline. We still need that big d-man that can match up against the opponents best and log big minutes. Joulevi might still be that for us.
  5. The Vancouver Millionaires won the Cup. That's what is being referenced.
  6. Thought I'd add that I'm pretty sure this is not Screaming Trees. Mark Lanegan has a very distinctive voice. Definitely a version of Cracker's Low.
  7. That's a wrap. Exciting and intense game. The good guys win.
  8. He took a cheap shot in our corner away from the play. I'm not sure if that is what caused the injury.