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  1. As a defender, you have to know who the scoring threats are out there. Stecher was unaware of Johnny Toes coming down his side until it was too late. He's young and mistakes happen, but it was definitely a mistake. Miller has come too far across before and been burned like that. He needs to learn to arc back down to the post instead of coming straight across. That would give him more time and room to come back across on passes or plays like last night. Right now the way he does it, he has to stop his momentum across and reverse direction which leads to desperation lunges. The first goal was a beauty, so you can't fault him. The second one he was down early as usual and left room up top. That's another one of his weaknesses. He covers the side but falls for fake shots or moves and leans away from the post or doesn't react fast enough to the high ones.
  2. Let's bounce a couple off of Johnny's Toes.I know, gross right!?! 3-2 the Canucks feed the Hawks crow. Go Canucks Go!!!!!
  3. I know the feeling. Not a farmer; just another byproduct of a selective compensation board. I'm sure some workers know which one I'm talking about.
  4. Kesler is a big boy and should be able to handle some boos. Even Bure had detractors for the way he left. Why should Kesler be immune?
  5. Educated idiots!!!