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  1. I think we could get most guys signed without moving Loui. Start Ferland on IR and buy out Baertschi and a minor move would get us enough room. I think the roster spot is more important to us next year. Moving Loui would solve two problems.
  2. The vet as handicap slant ignores the fact that the cap was going to go up by as much as 3+ million. If Ferland starts on IR and we buy out Baertschi we suddenly have 19.4 million cap room. Add 3 plus to that and there is no cap conundrum. Also other teams would have more room to make trades with us. Covid happened and affected not just the Canucks.
  3. I still think Jake is going to get even stronger. He still has peach fuzz on his face. Some guys mature at a different rate. He has gotten better each year and I believe he is on the cusp of a 50+ point season. Tuch was in his 3rd Playoffs, so that is not a fair comparison. The trade Jake stuff seems like a knee jerk fan reaction. Don't trade Jake unless the return is a middle RHD or we will regret it.
  4. Well no more positive message, pump up songs. We're out of it. Labour day song.
  5. We ran out of gas. They gave it everything but the compressed schedule caught up to them. Any "fan" that questions their effort has probably never worked hard in their lives. Sore wrists from flipping burgers or sore butts from sitting on an office chair all day. Thank you Canucks!!!!!!! Great run and more than everyone predicted. I am proud of the resilience they showed. Also, great experience for the young guys.
  6. More of the team game and battling for each other.More, more, higher and higher. and I'm glad Jake shut the haters up. We need positivity cheering for our guys no matter what! Canucks win 5-2. Go Canucks Go!!!!!!!
  7. He's not playing to the level the whiners and snivellers want er I mean realistic posters. Green seems to trust him to play the system. We are playing against a really good transition team and attention to detail is important for every Canucks player. We haven't generated much offense against these guys so singling out Jake is not "realistic". It's opportunistic snivelling on game day of the most important game so far in years.
  8. I hope Jake doesn't read this crap about him and run out of position to make a hit or take a penalty just to satisfy a bunch of snivelling whiners!!!!!!!!! Go Canucks Go !!!!!!!!!!!
  9. If you exert your will and stay focused anything is possible. I think we need to dodge a few runs by the nights. Canucks win 5-2. Go Canucks Go!!!!!!!