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  1. Not banned!! And Shakespeare was not accused of being racist. Idiots twisting things and other idiots automatically assuming the worst. Changing curriculum to suit demographics isn't censorship. Guess what? In Canada, anyone can go to a public library and read whatever they want. You can also access almost any literature online. If a person goes on to an education involving writing or literature Shakespeare almost assuredly will be part of it.
  2. I wonder if Goldy has been doing his nut-shrugs and his testi-lifts?
  3. Matt and Blake will Sukarse for a Price!
  4. I joined CDC specifically to defend the Sedins from personal attacks lead by a poster called diamonddog(who's probably still here in another guise). You don't have to grab a handful of hair and ear and start bashing someone in the face to be tough. People seem to forget this. "January 20th, 2014 VANCOUVER – For the first time in almost 10 years, the Vancouver Canucks will play a game without Henrik Sedin. The Canucks captain and leading scorer won't play Tuesday on the road against the Edmonton Oilers, ending his franchise-record ironman streak at 679 games. Sedin hasn't missed a game since March 2004, but didn't finish Vancouver's last two games."
  5. Yup, too many individual efforts that just amounted to nothing.
  6. The Flames played a better positional game and out-muscled some of our players. Still, it's good to be watching Canucks hockey again.
  7. In one of those commercials, I thought I saw Bo with a C. Maybe the Sedin announcement is the handing of the torch.
  8. Yeah as soon as LaPlante landed that nose shot, Smith stopped and grabbed on. They should check his pupils.
  9. RIP to Don Williams. I am playing these two together because I am reminded of drinking with my buddy listening to Communique when his mom comes home and promptly drags the needle across the album while saying "Get this crap off of there". She then put a Don Williams record on. After that I would warn him that his mom is home so he could take off the rock etc. and put on the country. She was a great person, just didn't like our music.
  10. Much like heinz ketchup, anticipation is making me wait. Puck drop can't come soon enough. Canucks Prospects win 5-3. Go Canucks Prospects Go!!!!!
  11. He's got an upstream battle, but I think he can get 12-17 g (salmons on ice) from the 4th line.(dynamics of 4th lines changing) I'm not just fishing for pluses either.
  12. That salary is based on 26 players already on the roster. Add Horvat and we have to send 4 players down before the season begins. That adds 2 million+ to available cap.