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  1. I was listening to old Rose Tattoo, old style Aussie metal, when I came across this. Not my cup of tea, but seems like some here like metalcore type stuff.
  2. Nord De Calais
  3. A friend of mine's mother gets drunk on wine every day and denigrates him for drinking beer and whiskey etc. on the weekends. Her justification is that there's wine in The Bible. Drug abuse is bad for society and for people themselves of course. Unfortunately most people who abuse the drug alcohol refuse to admit that it also is a drug.
  4. Plus, not all things a GM says is for the benefit of the fans. Sometimes it's posturing or drawing a line to get fair value. Some people wanted Benning to announce the availability of all the vets, which would have driven down their value. The last two trade deadlines, with the refusal to trade Hammy for less than value followed by two decent returns, is a clear message to other GMs that easy pickings are over and done.
  5. Play hard and physical for best results.
  6. Or, only thirteen games of Canucks hockey until prospects in late August and training camp in late September, I suggest Canucks fans enjoy it while it is there to watch. If you're only looking at certain players for good or bad plays, then you're diminishing your own enjoyment of the game. Go Canucks Go!!!!!
  7. Seems like the "youth" message would have more to do with the deployment of players; ice-time and tougher situations. Benching all the veteran players is a little nonsensical. Some teams will still be playing tough Playoff style hockey leading up to the end of the season. We don't need a bunch of injuries to young prospects. Still it will be nice to see different looks in some of the situations. No offence to the Sedins, but I would insist that they shorten their shifts and attack the net more instead of trying to tire out their opponents. It would be nice to have a deep enough team where rolling four lines is a reasonable option. Canucks win 5-4. Go Canucks Go!!!!!!!