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  1. There you have it. LaDumdo's back!!!!
  2. Streetheart Main Street.
  3. Found out at work today. Awesome live back when. RIP Kenny Shields.
  4. I tried to learn to play this a while back. I was getting there, but my fingers are getting pretty stiff from arthritis. I now play mostly blues as it is easier on the fingies.
  5. Sure sure!! Accidentally watched some twerking. I'll buy that for a dollar.
  6. Your mathing is wrong. The revenue will be divided by the amount of teams. It was 30, now it's 31. The affect on the cap won't be as large as you indicated.
  7. Do people just look for mistakes in certain players. I think his scoring on our own net poisoned peoples perception of him. I also believe he will have a good season upcoming. Salary aside, he was a solid player for us and will be an important piece with the departure of Burrows and Hansen. We still need players who can play against the better players so our younger guys have better match-ups. Horvat has to step up to that level and maintain it next season too.
  8. Buffalo Sabres or the Shanghai Express.
  9. Star Power Engage!!!!! Go Go Gadjovich Star power!!!!!! It's not working yet.
  10. I like Stecher but our best defender only averaged 4 seconds per game on the penalty kill. Teams started matching him with bigger players and were targeting him for hits later in the season. I hope he's gaining some more strength and weight this off-season. No one can question his heart and his drive to win though.
  11. The Lil' Jonni's of the league still need guys like this on their team. He can score too if they let him play.