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  1. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    What is going on with her wrist and hand?
  2. From what I can tell, half the board has him on ignore. I imagine this is his way of getting any kind of attention.
  3. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Thor: Ragnarok - 1/10 DNF I must have missed something here. Was it supposed to be a children's comedy? I couldn't finish it. Every scene was just full of silly jokes. I'm not a huge super-hero movie fan but this can't be right. What am I missing? The 1/10 is for Goldblum as I absolutely love that guy in any role.
  4. I completely support a move to prop rep. But I am curious as to the bold part of this post. What is not getting done?
  5. By not doing anything to prohibit their freedoms, you are respecting their freedoms. You are showing them respect that they deserve by simply existing.
  6. That is quite the contradiction.
  7. Graat v. The Queen, [1982] 2 SCR 819, 1982 CanLII 33 (SCC) ...Nor were the police officers relying on any special qualifications when they gave their opinions. Both police and non-police witnesses are merely giving a compendious statement of facts that are too subtle and too complicated to be narrated separately and distinctly. Trial judges should bear in mind that this is non-expert opinion evidence, and that the opinion of police officers is not entitled to preference just because they may have extensive experience with impaired drivers. The credit and accuracy of the police must be viewed in the same manner as that of other witnesses and in the light of all the evidence in the case... By law, courts are not to give preferential treatment to police opinion. Being a police officer alone does not give you "expert" status in a court of law. If you believe that police officers opinions are preferred over other lay witnesses, then your issue is with judges and juries (the fact-finders). Would you like judges and juries to be automatons? You can also take a look at R. v. Jenkins, 2018 ONSC 1165 for a more recent application of Graat. It's a case on surveillance of drug trafficking but the law on evidence is the same across the board.
  8. This is one thing that really bothers me. If you looked at CNN's site last night, they had about 10+ different articles posted about the Parkland shooting. In nearly every article they call it "one of the top 10 mass shootings in modern US history". I wish they'd stop saying this. Some deranged, murderer sees this and thinks it's some sick, little rating system for his "achievement" of shooting unarmed kids. This isn't @*#&ing Call of Duty.
  9. ICBC over a billion in debt

    Interesting how this works. Putting a cap on non-pecuniary damages sorta makes them...non non-pecuniary. ICBC (the government) is now saying that your pain is the same as Joe Blow's pain, regardless of your individual situation. Will be interesting to see how claims will be categorized going forward. My job will either get much easier or much harder.
  10. ICBC over a billion in debt

    You have two years to start the court action, as in file a Notice of Civil Claim. ICBC requires that you promptly disclose your injuries. They can request clinical records from your doctor to make sure that your injuries have been diagnosed and that you are being referred for treatment and mitigating your losses. Wait 18 months to disclose an STI with no doctor support along the way? Good luck.
  11. I agree that Trump is gonna be bashed regardless of what he does. But let's not pretend he hasn't earned a lot of it. But I am a bit confused. Trump backed Strange, but wanted Moore to win. This means he knowingly backed a loser. This goes against virtually everything we know of Trump. He states time and again how much he loves winning. He said he didn't like McCain because he doesn't like people who are "captured", ie losers. Not only does he like winning, but he likes everyone to KNOW he won. Publicly supporting a guy who he wants to lose...doesn't fit his MO. just my thoughts though.
  12. You just can't help yourself can you? Been reading this thread since it began. If nothing else, your sass and Warhippy's brawny responses keep it entertaining.