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  1. Schroedinger's dress LoL the dress is both black and blue.... and white and gold...
  2. nasty puck in the face, took it right in the nose... staying on the bench edit 1 - FYI - even the play by play guy pointed out that virtanen needs to be smarter in the offensive zone. I noticed in the WJ as well as in this game, he will burst with speed wide down RW and circle behind the net, only to blindly throw it out front hoping someone is there. edit 2 Hitmen 1 - Tigers 0, scored on a 4 on 1 rush, virtanen not on ice
  3. Kesler deal isn't the same. Kane is 23 years young and has more than a decade of hockey left in him, kesler... 3-5 year and that's pushing it. Kesler also handcuffed Benning in terms of destination.
  4. Looked more like the throat.... either way... brutal play. i hope (bruins) retaliate... classless stars
  5. feb 2 podcast 56 min mark he talks about the interview with peel
  6. Wasn't it Jim Benning who was so hard on Seguin?
  7. I played 1.6 back in the day... how much different is it? is it worth my $$?
  8. Hypothetically, If it was Kassian For Marchand.... I wonder how many of you guys would change your tune on him.....
  9. Fairly confident the league will be around... This is year 4... We don't do any playoffs. I'm just worried about where nelson falls on depth chart in new York. And what kind of I've time he'll get 5v5
  10. My keeper pool counts goals and assists as 1 Shots and hits 0.1 0.5 for +/- Trade offered is James Neal For Brock Nelson Who do you think wins the deal?
  11. LoL I'm a BIG JV fan, i guess that's why I'm being critical of him. And I have to admit that what a highly skilled play. He's had great physicality. Good Speed. And not afraid to shoot. So what, I'd like him to have better vision and playmaking, it's what he needs to develop. It's what has been the knock on him all through junior. I'm still happy he's one of ours.
  12. Or the the score is so out of reach that they need to equalize icetime and rest the top lines for next games
  13. Look I want JV to do well, he's been noticable in the game. But overall I haven't been too impressed with some of his decisions. Maybe I'm just being tough. But I call it how I see it. Pause the video at the 4 sec mark, you see the defender get drawn to JV on the RW. The D reaches leaving a WIDE open lane if he simply feathers a pass in front of nurse. Instead he tries a a back pass which is disrupted by the back checker.
  14. No i did see that, it was a waste of a play IMO. The back pass was behind Nurse and resulted in nothing. He hasn't been BAD, he's been good, but he needs to really work on that part of his game. Throughout the tournament, I'll be curious to see how many of his assists come off of shot/rebounds.
  15. Virtanen has shown some great effort, but he's also showing why he's not playing a bigger role on the team. His play has been very one dimentional and hasn't used his teammates at all. Chosen to shoot in every opportunity. I love his speed, I love how strong he is on the puck, but he needs to have better vision. It's like a Kesler on the wing.