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  1. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    nasty puck in the face, took it right in the nose... staying on the bench edit 1 - FYI - even the play by play guy pointed out that virtanen needs to be smarter in the offensive zone. I noticed in the WJ as well as in this game, he will burst with speed wide down RW and circle behind the net, only to blindly throw it out front hoping someone is there. edit 2 Hitmen 1 - Tigers 0, scored on a 4 on 1 rush, virtanen not on ice
  2. Help Advice Needed! keeper pool trade proposal

    Fairly confident the league will be around... This is year 4... We don't do any playoffs. I'm just worried about where nelson falls on depth chart in new York. And what kind of I've time he'll get 5v5
  3. My keeper pool counts goals and assists as 1 Shots and hits 0.1 0.5 for +/- Trade offered is James Neal For Brock Nelson Who do you think wins the deal?
  4. I was never able to get a Power Wheels when I was a kid...

    Yeah it's wicked fast. I don't want it to go that fast all the time, which is why I'm putting it on a toggle or a push button switch. I do still have to add safety belts too, the car itself was made in the 90s and they didn't have lap belts back then.
  5. I was never able to get a Power Wheels when I was a kid...

    Decided to show you guys the car in action. I removed the vents, mr fusion and flux for the demo. Note: 12v is what i'm building his "NOS" button to be.
  6. So when I had a son, I wanted to make sure he had something cool. Here's what I have been working on for him. Almost complete!! Started with Barbie Lambo 6v Mods: Double to 12v HeadLights and Grill Undermount LEDs Mr Fusion Front and Rear Light Strips LED Flux Capacitor Still to be made, Time Circuits, "NOS" Turbo Button and possibly, flaming Tire Tracks.
  7. [Trade] Canucks Trade Luongo to the Panthers

    Adding a bonafide scorer isn't going to help in the big picture. The trading of Lu is the first domino in what should be a very fruitful retooling. Our G situation gets younger and much cheaper. Albeit we lose the experience, recent successful teams have gotten through playoffs with mediocre goaltending supported by an abundance of scoring. Trading Kesler and Edler for young cheaper versions on themselves + the extra cap room means we can be competitive next year AND add some prospect depth in the process.
  8. Name That Goalie!

    Vanbiesbrook? (SP?)
  9. Name That Goalie!

  10. House Music/EDM Appreciation Thread

    mixed this a while back.... felt appropriate to post here <iframe src="" style="width: 100%; height: 71px; min-width: 200px;" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> link if player doesn't work https://www.spreaker...tyle_dedication Track List: Kidd Kaos - Exit 9 Yoji Biomehanika - Hardstyle Disco Lisa Lashes - Come to this Benjamin Leung & Tasix - Raindrops Riot Brothers - Guyver Unit Barely Legal - Goose Bumps Blank & Jones - Summersun Armin Van Buuren - Control Freak Heaven's Cry - Till tears do us part Amber D - Rush on me Lisa Lashes Unbelievable
  11. Hi there

    I was just wondering, is NHL 11 going to be featured at E3 this year?

  12. Oi Vicodin....just a quick suggestion, that i really feel strongly about.

    Make any updates (roster and/or patches) available through the EA NHL11 forums or site.

    Not everyone has a wireless router....and it would be handy to be able to grab the updates via memory stick/CD and install them to the PS3/X-Box.


  13. -THE OFFICIAL-*******Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2*******-THREAD-

    yes the EB games across canada along with bestbuy are doing nidmight releases.. I also know that a gamestop in pittsburgh is already selling their copies. i have a friend that lives there that already has and is playing it.
  14. The Official Transit Thread

    to make a long story short... driver's need to pay for everyone benefit.... sorry driver's no choice in the matter, you've been selected to pay more money yet we'll let everyone reap the benefits of us drilling a hole into your pocket. as stated before, these benefits are for EVERYONE and thus EVERYONE should pay. --- interesting artice, don't know how credible... source average bus co2 emission 1.3kg/km with an occupancy average (peak and off peak - all routes) 9 passengers... 0.144 kg / km per person another article.. source worldwide average car emission 0.198 kg / km per person that's a savings extra emission of 0.054 kg / km per person hardly a savings... what the first article talks about is the correct placement of transit for high volume areas to maximize the usage... at current statistics.. driving is not much different for the environment than you "so-called" green bus-goers.