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  1. Zero chance of this happening. Dreger is trolling. We won't give up the assets the jets want for ladd. Conversely, we won't pay the contract demands he wants of 6M plus per year. Benning only has eyes for Lucic in free agency. Or we fire WD and get Stamkos and Guy Boucher lol.
  2. Benning Talking To Media

    Miller to Anaheim
  3. [Rumour] - Caps interested in Hamhuis

    If you can't trade hamhuis you get him signed to an extension. Still great for youth development to have a constant professional like hammer around. Plus our prospect pool on D is weak so hammer wouldn't be taking someones spot. I would prefer for him to move on just saying if we sign anyone on the backend to an extension its hammer.
  4. [Waivers] Brandon Prust Clears Waivers

    Surprised Pittsburgh wouldn't take a run at him instead of sestito. He would make a good 13th forward for the pens team that really lacks toughness. Plus Prust is better suited to the eastern conference.
  5. We won't be in on Erikkson...thank god! Also, Benning called Yzerman on Drouin and was quoted Horvat, Benning rightfully hung up. The real play for nucks is gonna be cap space for the summer where we could get some decent UFA's...if your in dreamland we could make a run at Stamkos, fire Willie and get Guy Boucher :). Most likely we take a run at lucic.
  6. Discussion: Baertschi losing favour with Willie

    "he's just not able to put it together at the moment" and there you have it....that is why he is being criticized. Giving up a 2nd rounder for him was a big price to pay especially in last years draft.
  7. Discussion: Baertschi losing favour with Willie

    How would you define him being good? He doesn't hit, doesn't check, doesn't intimidate? If he ain't scoring or putting up assists whats the point of having him on your top 6?
  8. I've always loved lucic. But watching him play now I understand why the bruins moved him. He looks slow and clumsy through the neutral zone and seems to be losing his hands quickly. Don't think I saw him make one tape to tape pass on Tuesday night. If we can pick him up for <4M on a short contract I would still take a shot at him as a bit of a reclamation project and the fact that I hate the canucks rep (well deserved mind you) of being a bunch of pushovers. If he drops 10-15 lbs and gets a proper skating coach (ala Virtanen and Horvat) he may still be effective. IF we can find the "next" lucic of course that's the better we know that's easier said then done. Don't think Virtanen is that guy either.
  9. All of a sudden the Canucks aren't so slow

    Worked out? Really, wow after 1 game the bandwagon is full again. Still a long way to go....they lose on Saturday and the knives will be back out pretty quick eh.
  10. [Signing] Blues sign Scottie Upshall

    He's well past it.
  11. Hawks waive Bickell

    100% bang on.
  12. Hawks waive Bickell

    Bickell ran into a problem? Don't think so....he ran into a pot of gold.
  13. [Signing] Canucks Re-Sign F Sven Baertschi

    lol to all the "experts" on here that thought he was getting north of 1.25m. 900k is fair on a one way one year deal.
  14. So for some of you (TOMapleLaughs) getting drunk is an excuse to become a it. Very logical. Then I guess we should excuse all crime when committed after a few buds. Hogan was probably durnk too then huh? Or out of cheeseburgers. What a joke of an argument here by some. End the thread. But pretty sad how folks are focused on defending a racist and even hinting at fault of the cabbie or allowing alchohol to excuse racist behavior. We are all canucks...well maybe.
  15. Are you kidding! That's a fricken joke of a response. Let me give into the demands of a "drunken" (allegedely) racist dude so that we can avoid the confrontation. So that is to say next time someone walks up to you and says can I slap you in the face you let him/her do it and walk away to avoid the confrontation? Ridiculous. The focus should and needs to be on the racist loser not on the cabbies actions. Suggesting otherwise hints at condoning the racists activities and that should never be the case in our society.