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  1. [Rumour] Friedman: Tyson Barrie "in play"

    Barrie shouldn't be our priority. D is not bad now with the acquisition of Gudbranson. Our needs are more pressing up front, with our limited trade capital we should be reserving it for one of Landeskog or Kane in my opinion. Kane buy low type of material right now and a kid who is an absolute beast on the ice, just need to get his off ice crap sorted.
  2. From Stamkos to Lucic to Erikson to Helm to Vanek to Same Gagner and now to Cracknell, by tmrw the canucks will probably offer a contract to my div 8 surrey central ball hockey league 3rd line center. FML.
  3. St. Louis doesn't need or want edler. They want a #1 center or LW.
  4. Signing stamkos makes us an instant contender. Move sedins to the second line and horvat to the third. Now that's depth. Figure out a way to move burrows contract and miller and you could add another piece or two at the deadline. Would be an instant rebuild IMO. Sadly he ain't comin.
  5. (Buyout) Thomas Vanek

    He would be one of our biggest offensive threats. Not sure if that says more about the canucks firepower or Vanek's.
  6. [Report] Milan Lucic to hit free agency

    Exactly what this team needs. Sedins would be way better players when they aren't being hugged and punched in the face every shift. Lucic is 27, guys on here make it sound like he's 35. 5 year deal around 5.5 I would take in a heartbeat. The guy is a proven winner, he LED the giants to a memorial cup and was instrumental in the bruins winning the cup. He is also coming off one of his most offensively productive seasons last year.
  7. Team Toughness 2016/17

    With Lucic coming home we good. Gonna be close to the years when we had tim hunter and gino on the same team!
  8. (Discussion) - Lucic or Eriksson

    Lucic all day. He's 27, tough as nails, scores 20 goals and had one of his best seasons last year. He's a winner as well. Stanley Cup Champ, Memorial cup champ and he played a big part in both. Would love to get him on a 4-5 year deal. Players are at their peak 25-31ish and he's right in that window. We need to stop being bitter about him kickn our butt and have him help us kick butt!
  9. JB Far From Done?

    Wow that's awful. Have you seen versteeg play? He's a borderline nhl'er and burrows is twice the player he is today, you must be thinking of the versteeg from 2007-2010. Would not touch him with a 10 foot pole. Also, don't like Eriksson for the price he wants doesn't make sense given he is almost 30. Rather take the 27 year old lucic and his ability to score goals and stick up for the twins. Lastly, better to re-sign hamhuis if he is willing to offer a home town discount, partner him with Tryamkin (would be a fantastic mentor and hamhuis as a 5-6 dman would be great). Then you move Sbisa for a 2nd or 3rd rounder. Way better option and asset management.
  10. Great trade by benning for a change. Gudrbransson is exactly what the nucks need. He will be a staple with this franchise for a decade. Can't believe the negativity around this, people act like McCann is a proven top 6 or something. He will be in the ahl next year.
  11. Jakob Chychrun at #5 and here's why...

    No way is Chychrun going in the first 5 chance. He's not even the best dman available in this years draft. That would go to Sergachev. Then most likely Juolevi. Top 5 picks are solidified this year: Mathews Laine Pullarjvi Dubois Tkachuk. Book it. First dman goes around 8th.
  12. Van/Mtl (Proposal..pls contribute)

    No way I'd keep Edler. Without him our D is terrible.
  13. [Value of] Alex Burrows @ 2.25 Cap hit ?

    If you throw in rights to Vey you will be getting a lesser return. Vey has negative value at this stge.