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  1. There is one STRONG stench coming from your profile... it, whoa.. it smells like a ban!

  2. You're beautiful.

  3. Yea, texas holdem' poker.

  4. Lol that's messed up >.>

  5. Yea,he can tour now ;)

    You know,I know teachers who use fake names cause theyve been in porn before... LOL not at my school though.

  6. Lol I doubt it. All time Low is always touring. They are on a International Tour right now I believe

  7. Maybe our teacher uses a fake name :o

  8. Hahah That's nutty :P Because thats what Alex does

  9. Yea but he plays the guitar and sings so that's why I thought it was him...It looks IDENTICAL to him,not joking :P

  10. who doesn't?...plus anybody is bound to get shot in surrey. and i dont either...i knew he was fake right away.


    you want me to get shot?

    cools at least i dont add strangers on msn and jerk off to fake photos

  12. Lol I wouldnt think so xD

  13. i've already got told what you brown kids were up to. i ain't stupid i knew it was him as soon as you invited me in there...hopefully you get shot in surrey! :)

  14. Oh,yeah not my teachers name...HHAHA