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  1. Although i was growing up in Vancouver I didn't really take much interest in the Canucks at first. I loved playing the sport but watching it? Meh. Didn't really help that the Canucks were not a very good team at that point. My first Canucks hockey memory was watching the game that mathematically eliminated the canucks from making the postseason in the 99-00 season. My first NHL game was April 5, 2001 - Harold Druken scored the overtime winner that secured Vancouver's postseason dreams. I moved to Ontario in the summer of 2007 so I am not able to watch as many games as i would like due to the time difference and blackout restrictions, but i still love my Nucks. I've always enjoyed cheering for the underdog and watching the team grow from the 0-4 sweep at the hands of the Avalanche that year all the way to game 7 of the 2011 finals was a tremendous joy. Watching this new generation of underdogs coming up with be just as rewarding an experience i'm sure. Go Canucks Go
  2. 2016-2017 Opening Night Roster

    Erm..... Well... Krejci would be awesome. They'd want more though no? In your deal we're essentially offering spare parts. Chara, no thanks. He's not what he used to be. McQuaid, meh. I'm not sure how getting rid of our top two d and getting an aging vet really helps us all that much. Nor how getting Sbisa and Dorsett helps Boston.
  3. OMG Earthquake?

    God that font was painful to read
  4. Feedback and Bugs

    I used to be able to have topics sorted by start date as my default (I have CT as a favourite). Now its automatically last updated. Is there any way to change this?
  5. Being a Canuck in Toronto.

    Belleville, ON right between OTT and TO (roughly a 2.5 hr drive either way) and yeah, the time zones are a "B"
  6. Probably uniformity To keep the focus on the team rather than the individual.
  7. [GDT] Canucks @ Leafs {Sat Feb 8, 3PM}

    Well if we weren't finished before, we certainly are now.
  8. [GDT] Canucks @ Leafs {Sat Feb 8, 3PM}

    "A shocking goal"
  9. [GDT] Canucks @ Leafs {Sat Feb 8, 3PM}

    Is it just me or did PJ just jump in and answer a question clearly intended for Weeks? WTH is going on with that panel?
  10. [GDT] CGY - 1/18/14 - 7PM

    :sadno:I always feel bad for Elliot having to work with idiots like PJ and Glenn..... Tonight is no exception.
  11. [GDT] CGY - 1/18/14 - 7PM

    God damn Higgins!
  12. [GDT] CGY - 1/18/14 - 7PM

    I didn't at the time. I had to edit it to include the embellishment part. By that point i was too lazy to edit it a second time lol
  13. [GDT] CGY - 1/18/14 - 7PM

    Booth, Kass, Richardson or Kess. My choices
  14. [GDT] CGY - 1/18/14 - 7PM

    Stupid play by Kass. (To clarify, yes it was a dive, but why trust the reff to make the right call, dont put your stick there)