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  1. Great post. Pretty much bang on. I think the being bad on faceoffs could be on the positive side of the ledger, in that we are still winning despite being so bad at them.
  2. Seriously, if you guys run off Miller..

    Kind of like a guy who goes by the name "Pimp" on an internet forum
  3. That's a great intro. If a CHL team can get it right, surely one of the best supported pro teams on the planet can get it right. As someone aptly pointed out in a previous post, whoever is in charge of entertainment ought to be out of work. I have posted ad nauseum in various DJ Dave threads that I believe music is one of the worst aspects of the experience at Rogers Arena. And it has been getting consistently worse for the past 6 or so seasons. Less Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, more classic rock please. I distinctly remember being at a playoff game about 15 years ago. The Canucks were up late in the third and Bon Jovi "livin on a prayer" came on. The entire crowd sung the song, and continued to sing it well after play had resumed. You could hear it echoing for three or four minutes afterwards. It was an amazing experience....and I hate Bon Jovi! I have never heard the crowd rock out to any 'One Direction' song like that.
  4. I've been a die hard fan for 25+ years, I have no reason to blindly hate on it, but, I will say that I disliked that intro from the first time I heard it. The voice over is terrible, the music (to me) is annoying, and overall, it felt (and still feels) really lame. That's just my opinion
  5. List Your 8 all time fav Canucks..

    Forgot to add Gino to my post
  6. List Your 8 all time fav Canucks..

    #1- Bure (by a country mile) #2- Jovo Cop #3- Brendan Morrison #4- Trevor linden #5- Kirk McLean #6- Trent Klatt #7- Willie Mitchell #8-Markus Naslund Honourable mentions Cliff Ronning Greg Adams Marty gelinas Murray baron Cory Schneider Matthias ohlund Alex mogilny
  7. List Your All Time Least-Favorite Canucks

    In no particular order: Mark messier Donald brashear (after his first season here he basically refused to fight and frequently tried end-to-end rushes) Felix potvin Matt Cooke Todd bertuzzi Ryan kesler Dana murzyn David booth I'm sure there are many more I can't think of at this moment but basically all of these guys had terrible personalities or were gigantic flops. In murzyn's case, I just disliked him because he was slow and generally useless
  8. Todd McLellan Canucks New Coach?

    That is far too intelligent to post on this site. I, for one, would be totally fine with this choice.
  9. That's my brother-in-law taking the video.
  10. NEWSFLASH: Drake is a selfish @**

    That might just be the funniest thing I have read on this site!
  11. You know you're an old school Canuck fan when

    If you can rehearse every word of this, "A special hello to hospital patients and shut-ins, the pensioners, the blind, all the people who don't get out to games but enjoy the hockey broadcasts."
  12. Honestly, having lived through both and having been a ravenous, die-hard fan through both runs, I can't believe it's even a question for some people. Clearly, McLean's save was superior in every way Just judging the saves against one another visually and even judging the circumstances, McLean's was far better. As others have said, McLean's helped cement one of the most improbable comebacks in nhl history, a 7th seed beating a 2 seed in three straight overtimes. Luongos simply preserved his teams chances to win in a game that should be remembered more for Corey Crawfords heroics more than his. Not only that but the series should have never gotten to that point. Luongos save was very nice, timely, and technically perfect, but, McLean's was sensational. And as for the debate regarding the two Stanley cup runs, I can summarize my feelings quite simply. After 1994, I was sad but I felt an overwhelming sense of pride in my team. After 2011 I was mad and thoroughly embarrassed of my team and I felt like hiding in a hole for months.
  13. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    I just watched Warrior last night (yes, I know, a little late!) Honestly, this movie is really very bad. It is so obvious and full of over-used cliches it should almost be categorized as a comedy rather than an action-drama. I found it more and more unbearable as the movie progressed to the point where, in the moment of final vindication for the protagonist (Edgerton-- where he [in the heat of battle, no less] finds his father in the crowd and says "I love you"), it became a farce. I immediately stopped watching and had to laugh. What a joke of a movie 2/10
  14. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Watched 'This is 40' last night. Pretty funny moments in it, although at almost 2 hours, 20 minutes, it was way too long. 7.5/10