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  1. NHL 18 Thread

    Same here. Went from 70-86-89. Petterson was 68-84-89 Landeskog asked for a trade from COL after they shipped Duchene to SJ, he was 78 overall and had the same value as my 18th overall pick at the 18' draft, so I pulled the trigger. He came to camp a 89, and has almost full trade value (WTF?) that turned out to be a steal. Baertschi is really good for me, he's 86 now and is 60+ points every year playing 2nd line.
  2. I understand where your coming from, I found myself referring back to 2012 when Hertl put up 25 points in 38 GP, was bigger, had a really good WJC, and slipped all the way down to 17th?! Not that he even really slipped, if you go back on mock drafts he was in the 20-28 range. Now here we are 5 years later and we've got a kid who put up 15 points in 41 games, is smaller, getting talked about going as high as 3rd overall. Now, that might make me sound like I'm not very high on Necas but that's not the case. He's a stud, that's well known, just statistically referencing the 2 is crazy no?! Just the type of draft it is I guess, we're also talking about a kid playing in high school going 3rd as well!
  3. I was being cheeky before, referring to Max Reinhart and Sam Reinhart. In regards to Domi for Hutton, I would do that deal in a heart beat, but ARZ wouldn't. I know we may be a little thin on the backend losing Tryamkin and then adding Hutton but that's something that can be dealt with after we all finishing crying from the thought of a Domi-Horvat-Boeser combo.
  4. You're thinking of Max. The fellas are talking about Sam
  5. Central Scouting does a North American list and Euro list. Matthews, Laine and Pulj would've been ranked in the Euro category, leaving PLD and Tkachuk as the 1-2 punch out of North America.
  6. If Middelstadt hadn't gone back to high school he would be the clear cut #3 I think.... Bonehead decision to go back IMO. I get the "unfinished business" thing but still, it's got to hurt his ranking, which sucks because it makes me skeptical even at #5. I won't be disappointed, just not sold.
  7. [Speculation]Drouin to be moved? (McKenzie)

    Tanev + Van 1st assuming it's not top 2 for Drouin + 14th?
  8. Trump to impose tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber

    Awesome to hear! I've been in the industry for 2 years now, love it. Trained across the entire trim line for one of the big dogs, central island. We run constant, they will(and recently did) slow shifts down at other mills to keep us going(log shortage) Keeping close tabs on this. Wonder if they will ever get through getting Cedar out of "softwood" category like it's been discussed(structural grading) I understand people not wanting to log old growth anymore, but it's our mills bread and butter. We don't make money on 2nd growth fir, hasn't been tried since I've been hired, but they've tried and didn't come out very well. Your obviously knowledgeable, I would like to know how big some of these second growth forests are? I've been told 4 foot Firs but I find that hard to believe? I have no idea about ROG other than the specific piece in hand. We run all different sizes but most of the time when your walking by the head rig, it's tearing into a 5-7 footer. Not so much on the Fir cuts anymore, the large logs have really faded away. Cool hitting up the Canucks forum and having a chat with someone that appreciates a 2CLR as much as I do! Take care! Let's hope we come out ahead here.
  9. I don't buy Necas being to small. Is Ehlers to small in Winnipeg and Goldobin for us? I vote no Cody Glass has 1 inch and 9 pounds on Necas
  10. Don't know if this has been discussed or not but I had forgotten how often 2nd best odds have won recently. 2012 draft lottery, 29th place EDM jumped 30th place CBJ 2013 draft lottery, 29th place COL jumped 30th place FLA 2014 draft lottery, 29th place FLA jumped 30th place BUF 2015 draft lottery, 29th place EDM jumped 30th place BUF Crappy luck for Buffalo... McDavid and Ekblad or Eichel and Reinhart... What could've been... I know it's all random as hell, just wanted to bring that to some people's attention who maybe wern't aware. Fingers crossed... One week today...
  11. Just read on Twitter he has an out clause back to Sweden if he doesn't make the main roster.... There goes that for Utica...
  12. I spent 3 years at Husky Sunrise north of Fort McMurray... It was a 1 to 5 ratio at least. 3000 people employed there during construction. I've luckily moved on from the patch and am home every night with my kids, but am thrilled to hear this happening.
  13. One of many, many rankings? One that has Rasmussen as the 5th best NA skater... Not a chance. Button just did a mock draft on Monday that has Liljergen going 4th behind Glass at 3rd? It's all over the map, but I would be willing to bet that Lilj is the first Euro skater picked, if not, the 2nd. I'd give up all hope if Benning drafted Lias Anderson over Liljergen...
  14. Agreed. If you're looking for that added mid first round pick, pray SJ wins and use #31 and #33 as bait, otherwise, like you've mentioned, focus on next years draft.
  15. No flame from me, it's a solid argument. I'm taking Lilj but would be just as excited with Foote. Kids a stud and is probably the safer pick.