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  1. Greece is already bankrupt. Most of the bailout money is just going to German banks who holds Greek debt anyway.
  2. Man, Germany vs. Greece, David vs. Goliath. With the whole financial crisis angle behind it. Can you imagine if Greece pull out the upset?
  3. Well a few things to consider. Suarez does not contest the fact that he used the word. He contested that the word can be used in a non-derogatory manner (kinda like how black people calls each other the the n-word. But the fact is that he and the other player is trash talking each other it was very heated. The word was used more then once, so any logical person will have to conclude that is not used in a friendly context, and that he was racially taunting the other player. This doesn't mean Suaraz hates black ppl (LFC's rather pathetic defense of Suarez having black friends and a black grandpa seems to miss the point), it merely means he is using racist language to try to wind up the other player, which is still unacceptible and deserves the band. John Terry is charged now, it would be interesting to see how it turns out.
  4. holy crap. this is just the absolute worst kind of news to wake up to. RIP to the dead, and hope for the best for everyone affected.
  5. might be small, reminds me of why ppl didn't want Boychuk last year. of course last year we are talkinga bout the 10th pick and this year we are talking about the 22nd pick so great pick, hope he becomes a good NHL'er/